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  1. I was looking for feedback from eaa witness match series pistols here,how has your witness match 10mm performed? From everything I've found on the witness guns it seems that the issues of cracked frames and slides is limited to the standard rounded slide models. That being said I have a chance to pick up a witness mtach series 10mm LNIB for $425 OTD with case and extra magazine,I'm thinking I should give the gun a chance and see what happens(being I'm already saving money for a new delta elite)I figure whats there to lose,if it works out I'll have 2 gun to fire this awesome round from so what do you guys here who have witness match guns think?
  2. I was wanting some info on these little guys,first off is it true that the G20/29 were designed from the ground up as 10mm guns?,and can they be had with 3.5 triggers from the factory? And is it also true that these are the most reliable and durable 10mm guns out of the box available today? Last thing is should I be concerned about kaboom s due to a under supported chamber? I'd only be using factory ammo like DT or buffalo bore and no lead at all only jacketed bullets. I was wanting a dw bobtail but it turns out finances won't allow that right now so I'd like to give the 29 a try. Last thing is is this an easy gun to carry IWB I'd be using a good leather holster and gun belt thanks.
  3. Does anyone here know of or had heard when the vltor arms new Bren ten will be out? What about pricing?
  4. OK based of what I've read learned here at 10mmtalk the last few days I've decided to go with a dan wesson bobtail commander for my choice of a 10mm handgun. Now for all you dw cbob owners here at 10mmtalk I just have a few questions about these guns,first off is there anything that needs to be done to these guns to allow them to run reliably(aside from the basic easy fix issues any 1911 can have before break in) out of the box? Do they suffer from any known issues like cracked frame/slides? Also should I change the spring at all before shooting the gun? I would think being this is a 10mm gun it is built with the power of the 10mm in mind,but never hurts to ask I guess. I plan on using double tab or corbon ammo for practice/self defense use,which I believe are full power loads incase this has any bearings on the spring issues? You guys have been very helpful so far and I appreciate all the advice I've learned a great deal thus far.
  5. I was wonderinf what magazines are the best for feed and function in a 10mm 1911? I'm looking at getting a dan wesson bobtail and would prefer a flush fit magazine for concealment reasons in your experiance are wilson good mags for a 10mm 1911? or what about factory colt mags are these a good choice? thanks for any help guys.
  6. I was wondering if slide cracking is a common problem with witness series guns in 10mm? I ask as I'm considering one and want to know what if anything i can do to prevent this? Do all you guys here change out your gun's springs to something heavier? Is this needed to make these guns reliable? or is it simply preventive maitnance? I'm now leaning toward the dan wesson bobtail commander as I feel by the time Buy a witness and change all springs I'm better off just getting the dan wesson,as it seems like a much better gun for the 10mm cartridge.
  7. Hi all I'm new here and would like some opinins of these two 10mm pistols please. I'm considering either a eaa witness fullsize steel model or a dan wesson bobtail commander. Now by my user name you can see I prefer the 1911 platform but I also think the EAA witness is a nice looking gun as well,so out of these two which would you say is the more reliable and better made gun? Also would you say the witness could be used as a CCW as well? thanks.
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