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  1. No problem, it's still available if you would like it. Let me know. Thx, Chris
  2. Replied via PM, please let me know if you receive the PM. I'm not sure it's working for me.
  3. 3 boxes - Hornady 155 gr. 10mm HP/XTP @ 15.00 per box 2 boxes - Hornady 180 gr. 10mm XTP @ 15.00 per box 6 boxes - Winchester 175 gr. Silvertip HP @ 20.00 per box All prices plus shipping to the lower 48
  4. Or a better, simpler solution is to buy a .40 STI in any flavor you want and just ream the chamber to 10mm. Works like a charm.
  5. Finished. Gun runs like a champ. Changed nothing, just chambered it to 10mm. I'll adjust the main spring and fit a flat firing pin stop later. 12+1 in a 3" barreled, smaller than an officers frame 1911. Me likey!!
  6. I have a few laying around. The 20 rounders hold 24 10mm rounds. The mags are really to wide for the 10mm rounds. I don't see them working out to well. I'll compare them to a Grease gun mag, I think the Grease gun mags are narrower.
  7. STI 2011 Eclipse. A double stack 3" with a shorter frame than an officers.
  8. Feel free to send me a handfull, I'll gladly test it for you. I for one am done buying overpriced, under performing ammo.
  9. Welocme!! As was said above, Georgia Arms for nice plinking 10mm. I just placed an order last night as a matter of fact. $170 for 500 rounds loose pack.
  10. Count your lucky stars you don't live in my state, Ca.
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