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  1. No problem, it's still available if you would like it. Let me know. Thx, Chris
  2. Replied via PM, please let me know if you receive the PM. I'm not sure it's working for me.
  3. 3 boxes - Hornady 155 gr. 10mm HP/XTP @ 15.00 per box 2 boxes - Hornady 180 gr. 10mm XTP @ 15.00 per box 6 boxes - Winchester 175 gr. Silvertip HP @ 20.00 per box All prices plus shipping to the lower 48
  4. Or a better, simpler solution is to buy a .40 STI in any flavor you want and just ream the chamber to 10mm. Works like a charm.
  5. Finished. Gun runs like a champ. Changed nothing, just chambered it to 10mm. I'll adjust the main spring and fit a flat firing pin stop later. 12+1 in a 3" barreled, smaller than an officers frame 1911. Me likey!!
  6. I have a few laying around. The 20 rounders hold 24 10mm rounds. The mags are really to wide for the 10mm rounds. I don't see them working out to well. I'll compare them to a Grease gun mag, I think the Grease gun mags are narrower.
  7. STI 2011 Eclipse. A double stack 3" with a shorter frame than an officers.
  8. Feel free to send me a handfull, I'll gladly test it for you. I for one am done buying overpriced, under performing ammo.
  9. Welocme!! As was said above, Georgia Arms for nice plinking 10mm. I just placed an order last night as a matter of fact. $170 for 500 rounds loose pack.
  10. Count your lucky stars you don't live in my state, Ca.
  11. Recoil is more of a rearword thump than muzzle flip. Not uncomfortable to shoot at all. Slide velocity is certainly up there. Full power rounds will not be a steady diet for this gun. I would like to see it live, and with the alum. frame, I'm not sure how much battering it will take.
  12. Well, after three phone calls to DT asking for Mike and or a return call, I finally just emailed him. His responce......"Try backing to at least 15ft from the chrono. You can get skewed results if closer. Thanks.". Hmmm, the other factory ammo that shot as advertised didn't mind being 5 ft. from the chrony.
  13. I ended up running a factory SA micro compact recoil assembly. Had to modify the feed lips of my magazines to ensure consistent feeding. Gun runs like a swiss watch now. Recoil with the Hogue grips is a non issue. Pistol is very accurate, and spits brass around 35 ft. Capacity is 9+1 in a 23.8 oz. package. The finish is nothing to write home about, most likely going to Severn for his Hard Hat treatment. Me likey!!
  14. http://img5.imageshack.us/img5/4549/sti10mm.jpg[/im
  15. I bought a SIGMA last year when you could find them for $250 new. Best $250 pistol I ever saw. It's a GLOCK copy, nothing cheap or innacurate about it. Does it have the best trigger in the world, no. Best feeling grip, yes. Mine is as accurate as any GLOCK I own. A $65 10mm chamber reamer, buffed up recoil spring and away you go. Also, no reason to put full power 10's through it every session. Go for it!
  16. Work got in the way of shooting Friday. Heading out in about an hour. I have a bunh of GA 165's and some DT 135's. Once I'm confident the gun if working properly, I'll chrony a few rounds. I'm also bringing my 1006 for a 5" to 3" comparision. Wish me luck!
  17. About 25 years ago I cut loose with a full house IMI .357 mag from my 4" 686 in my living room. Pure F _ _ _ up on my part. Everything happened in slow motion. I did not hear the report, just a muffled boom. My ears were just fine. No ringing or pain, nothing. I've also made the mistake of outdoor shooting with no ear protection around the same time frame. Screwed up hearing for days. If I need to unload in the house at a bad guy, I'm not going to worry about me ears.
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