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  1. I looked up the cost of a spring kit and just decided to get the kit and be done with it. If I am not able to sell it to one of the two people that I have managed to get interested in the smith 10xx series pistols, I will give you helpful fellas the next shot on it!
  2. Awe crap... I meant to edit... haha Also Shadow, I looked through my emails and found that my 1076 was $555 before the transfer fee. Item Title: Stainless Smith & Wesson 1076 S&W 10mm Pistol Ending Date: 12/30/2009 12:35:10 PM Quantity Won: 1 Winning Bid: $530.00 (per item)
  3. Any thoughts on whether I should re spring it or just sell it?
  4. Oh that is beautiful! If you don't mind I may have to borrow your approach on building up my hand loads! Magnificently done! Thank you.
  5. Hahahahaha, I'm glad I found them! New(ish) stock strength spring in the 1076, but the 1006 probably has the original spring in it yet so it could be a bit weak. I did have a failure to eject on the 1076. It seems that the extractor either didn't have a hold of the brass, or it bound and lost its grip. I thought that it was actually a double feed, but I was wrong. Although it was on the clip point yellow follower with the weakest mag spring that I have in all of my 11 mags.
  6. Thanks! I picked up the 1076 for, I believe, around $575 after shipping + the $15 transfer. Haha, I agree! That's why I bought it even though I just picked up two Mosin Nagant rifles and a can of ammo at Fleet Farm. I have yet to get the cosmoline off of them. For some reason though the 1006 just feels like an entirely different pistol when fired. I just don't know if it's just possible that the main spring and hammer spring are that worn out or if I've just gotten so used to the 1076. I also just took a basic defensive pistol class with the 1076 with really hot rounds. I kept getting complained to. "Hand cannon" this, "hand cannon" that, "that loud dang thing." It seems that everyone else there trusts 9mm and a few trust .40 S&W.
  7. I picked up a 1006 from Gander Mountain in Rochester, MN a month or two ago. It came with a newer blue plastic box and five mags for $450. I had four brand new stock S&W mag springs, some used followers and a used mag spring from the magazines I have accumulated for my 1076. The 1076 was re sprung about a year ago with about 400-500 rounds through it. I also cleaned and lubed both pistols. Last weekend I took them out shooting with the family. No one liked the Underwood Ammo practice rounds that I was using and my 1076 just about clocked my dad in the forehead with the front sight. What really threw me off though, was that the 1006 felt so much more uncontrollable than the 1076. It made me want to sell it! I am using my 1076 as my every day carry pistol as I like the Sig style decocker and the DA/SA trigger. Is it even worth the time and money for me to re spring the 1006 to see if it makes me want to keep it, just to have it around? Also, I finally have pictures of my 1076, and a little bit more now after 4 years.
  8. Thank you both for your opinions and suggestions. I will hold off until I have a good back up gun that has proven to me it's reliability. I will then proceed with the ridiculous test and be certain to get a good quality video of it that I will throw a link to in here.
  9. I have been challenged to a dirt, dunk, and a submerged firing test. I have concerns about firing it submerged as I do not want do destroy my pistol. I have taken it down for cleaning to having everything but the sights and ejector?(the stainless bitt inset on the right side of the slide that retains the brass when the slide is cycled) I am asking others out of my own ignorance on the subject. What are your(10mm talks) opinions/experiences?
  10. I know this is an old thread... but I couldn't help myself! "Shoot it A LOT? S&W 1006/610" I almost fell out of my chair laughing at this comment! In a good way though. I have lots of love for the S&W 10xx series and my 1076. Keep on shootin'.
  11. Objekt, I've been trying to figure out a few failure to fire issues with my 1076 and am overjoyed to have fund this thread entirely by accident. I just wanted to say thank you so much for posting this, I will have to give it a try in the next few days to see if the procedure works on a 1076 or what might be different.
  12. I had great luck in tearing my 1076 all the way down to the decocker. It wasn't dificult... just finicky and tie consuming to put back together. I did NOT, however, take the slide appart... that still seemes like a daunting task.
  13. I have to say... HUGE IMPROVEMENT!!! Thank you Shadow!
  14. A .50 BMG would do its job even if it hit a limb... :Nukem: But in all seriousness... I am infatuated with the 10mm as a round. My 1076 is a blast to shoot and I probably wont own another handgun for a while because the 10 will do everything I need to. I've never shot a 9, 357 mag, or a 45 and I don't have much of an intrest to. What does interest me is the round mentioned at the beginning of the thread(.40 super), the 10mm mag(revolvers), and the .357 sig. The .40 super as far as ballistics go and the .357 sig for cc use, but like I said it will be a while before I get to play with those two. Keep poking holes everyone! P.S.: heh... old post, but a dang good read!
  15. Thank you for your detailed response. Now if only we could give reputation... or I knew how. Paul T
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