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  1. the 30-06 brass was sold locally!
  2. I have purchased the Redding Indicators, I would trade for some 300Black or 308 brass.
  3. I have a little over 150 new Winchester 30-06, 45 1x R&P, 80 unknownX mil and 17 unknownX R&P. The numbers posted are what's on the bags...I have not done a physical count. I am looking for Redding 27111, 27155, or a couple of turret heads for T-7.
  4. Looking to build up my Redding bench.
  5. May we trade brass for reloading equipment, or is this strictly a brass-4-brass exchange?
  6. What is taking Springfield so long to manufacture some more HDm's OSP in 10mm. I have not had any luck in finding two or even one here in Carolina. The only one I found was the first gen model with the cut slide, and it is grossly overpriced.
  7. This is great news! I have been wanting a Sig 10mm for a long time now...chopping at the bit...
  8. Looks like the company is no longer selling 10 mm mags..I am many days late as usual...
  9. Hark…I looked right over it…will have to investigate...
  10. I do not see any load data on the web site for 2400...
  11. Now, that looks like a sweet ride…I just might to look into one for myself too.
  12. No, I am not completely out of supplies. I do need some more WC 748…down to my last 3 lbs. I am out of 180 grain practice heads for the 10mm. I only have some 180 g XTPs, but I am out of Bluedot for this XTP loads. I have about 4lbs of WC 231left. No problem with primers…got a case for small rifle and a 1/2 a case for large pistol. Just trying to build back my on-hand supplies before it is completely exhausted… flux
  13. Anyone have a idea when the generated shortage is going resolve itself? I would like to get back to some reloading...
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