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  1. Did not see this posted so I thought I would list the 2016 Delta Elite Models O2020 - Delta Elite O2020WG - Delta Elite Wood Grips O2020XE - Delta Elite XE O2020Z1 - Lew Horton Exclusive Jesse
  2. First look http://www.gunsandammo.com/first-look/sig-sauer-10mm-p220-pistols-10mm-elite-performance-ammo/
  3. http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2014/10/01/sig-p220-10mm/
  4. I just talked with a gunsmith about this today (reaming a 40 S&W revolver to accept 10mm). He said he wouldn’t do it on a Taurus or Charter Arms. He would do it on a S&W. Still looking for a gunsmith as I'm convinced it would be a safe mod. Jesse
  5. I've got a S&W 625 and it's my understanding I can shoot 45 Super. Any experience with the 625 and 45 Super?
  6. I'm sorry to hear that. I own a 610 and it's the most reliable accurate hand gun I own. I've talked with Paul Gazda, (pgazda@smith-wesson.com) about the 10mm before. He might be able to help you out. Or try and call them 1-800-331-0852.
  7. nothing! A gunsmith is not required for it to function.
  8. You did well, very well. I can't comment on the value aspect of a refinish but I've seen a 1911 38 super returned from Colt after a refinish and it was absolutely amazing. Best refinishing job I've ever seen. (Royal Blue from Colt)
  9. Thanks Shadow, I'll need to do some more testing before coming to a conclusion. Oh well, more range time. Jesse
  10. I just picked up my second Lone Wolf barrel (10mm Extended 2 Port) my first one is a 357 sig conversion. I shot a few rounds (target on the left) and wasn’t to happy with my accuracy, so I pulled out my Delta Elite and shot the target on the right, that’s more like it. In all fairness I didn’t swap back the original barrel (it was at home) to compare the two. Anyone experience accuracy issue with Lone Wolf?
  11. Nice 1006 and nice shooting! I put on the Hogue grips and it really made a difference.
  12. They actually tried that argument in Harold Fish's case. The Prosecutor made a statement of how powerful the 10MM is. http://www.haroldfishdefense.org/ but I agree... Range Retards
  13. The cheapest 10mm ammo I've found in Dallas is at Academy Sports.
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