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  1. I love my M-610 (3 7/8" bbl.). The 10 mm has so many bullet choices, plus you can shoot .40's in it as well. It as versatile as the .357/.38 spl., but with moon clips. It is also extremely accurate to boot, and I always know where my brass is when I'm done shooting.
  2. Thanks for the link to the ez moon clips. I too am resit ant to the intro of MIM parts but what can you do, other than replace them. I have a 657 that is an MIM gun and its shoots amazingly and has had no problems after years of use, so is there really a problem? Anyhow thanks for the reply.
  3. I finally have my first 10 mm!! It seems the 610 has mixed reviews but I can't resist a Smith and Wesson revolver, anyway I have always wanted a revolver that utilizes moon clips. I know its been discussed at length already but I am curious to what (updated) input anyone might have concerning this revolver. -thanks
  4. I am interested in shop info. to get a 610. I have been looking to get one for some time as well. I am wondering about the availability of the moon clips and if its ok to shoot them without the cases being in the moon clips? Thanks.
  5. I have an IAI Javelina 10 mm, it is a typical 1911 style pistol with a 7 inch bbl. I was wondering if this could be converted into the 10 Mag? Also what of the magazines?, will the Colt delta's work or is a different mag all together required? Any info. would be appreciated, thanks.
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