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  1. You are correct i misread the recoil spring weight [not wearing glasses] however I do take issue with the 18.5 recoil spring as that allows too much rearward impact. I have experimented with a number of spring combinations and the heaviest loads [and] found the 20# recoil, 26 or 28# mainspring [with flat firing pin stop] gives the best performance and least stress function. I actually do switch to 18.5 recoil spring when I shoot "plinking rounds" as they tend to not work well with the 20# spring. The mainspring weight can be a little more subjective due to your particular guns' trigger pull, and I wouldn't go under 26 and [actually] with your 18.5 / 25 combo I would suggest that you definitely take the mainspring to 28#


    I was going to do a "SBR" - AR15 last year but I didn't want to deal with the cost, wait and hassle involved. It's better here than in other states [to get an SBR] but I decided a upper with a 14.5" barrel w/ a 1.5" suppressor was short enough, and with a collapsible stock that's a pretty compact weapon. Also, the power/accuracy is not lessened as with the SBR.

    Arizona Armory

    I have a "S.D." lower I put a Spikes Tactical upper on and I would put them at the top of the list for quality. I did a firearm transfer with Jeff Covino @ AZ Armory and it was smooth and fast.

    Went to the range today and shot my first 1911 but

    I have owned and/or shot just about every pistol/revolver made and I only use the 1911. I have them in .45 acp [several barrel sizes] and 10MM, and I carry the 10mm for the extra benefits over the .45 acp. I have a pocket North American Arms .380 acp I carry when my dress prohibits carrying one of my 1911's and other than that my other "weapons" are AR15's, AR10's and my .450 Marlin. There just isn't another handgun that is better than the 1911 for me and if I need more "power" than my 10MM I'll defer to my rifles. Dan Wesson [pre-CZ] PM10-S

    10mm penetration vs 44mag

    If you're "talking bears" my .450 Marlin guide gun is fast and WAY powerful; I like the 350 gr jacketed flat nose rounds [2,000 fps/3,200 ftlbs] for power with control.

    10mm Carry

    I carry my Dan Wesson [pre-CZ] PM10-S [iWB] loaded with "Double Tap" 200 gr. XTP/JHP's [1300/700] which is a hunting round, but I prefer to have "maximum power" in my CCW weapon.

    Was the site down yesterday?

    The "test site" will only verify the web address you enter, and the "main page" of "ar15.com" was working. If you would have entered the "forums" address [or others] it would have shown them down, as they were. I assume you must be new to computers.....

    Was the site down yesterday?

    When in doubt about a website and/or your connection use this: http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/#

    AR10's for Bear and Moose

    I was pondering getting a "large bore" upper for my AR15 to use as a "out in the woods defensive" weapon, but I decided to go with a Marlin 1895M lever action "Guide Gun". The larger "AR15 calibers" just don't give anywhere near the necessary power/ballistics of the .450 Marlin, and a lever action carbine is very accurate, light, very fast and dependable. The larger bears require major power and you only get a few shots when they charge you, so the 5 rounds in my 1895M are plenty and I can draw the rifle fast.

    Stopping power another study

    I do agree that shot placement is the best "guarantee" of "stopping" somebody, and anything that hits you in the head is bad, but the reason I CCW [iWB] my 10MM with the 200 gr XTP "hunting rounds" is to be able to defend myself against the "unknowns" which can defeat smaller calibers; thick clothing, helmets, barriers, longer range, etc. I mean who can say what "scenario" you might find yourself in, and isn't it better to be prepared ? I used to just carry my 1911 - 10MM when I was out in "the country", but after seeing a number of stories about wild hogs, bears, mountain lions, wild dogs, etc. I decided I would be better prepared [out there] with this: Marlin 1895M - .450 Marlin with Hornady 350 gr FP's [2000/3200] This rifle is a "cannon", but with the ported barrel and "Limbsaver" butt-pad it's easily handled, fast and accurate, [and] only about 7 pounds which is pretty nice. This rifle drips with "stopping power" and nothing walking, crawling or flying can match it.

    What's the point in having customer reviews?

    The only problem I've ever had with Double Tap is their prices; not that they're unreasonable for their product, I have just been able to buy their ammo new from private parties for half the cost and less. I just scored 800 rounds [16 boxes] of several different loads from a guy locally for $350, and I've even bought multiple boxes at a pawn shop for only $10 each. Now that's the way to buy....

    10mm penetration vs 44mag

    Actually your .450 Bushmaster would have about 1,000 ft lbs of energy less than the .450 marlin, and in Alaska [with the size of bears there] you would be under gunned. The 10 - 12 rounds you have really don't matter because most "bear charges" only give you the time for 1 or 2 [maybe 3] shots, so you need a lot more energy [and about 100 grains more bullet] to be adequately armed. Sure, you could get lucky and make a perfect shot that drops the bear, but the chance of that is very thin and there is a much better chance you would be lunch.

    Assault rifle bang for the buck

    I picked up this like new Armalite AR10 for $600 at a local pawn shop.

    10mm penetration vs 44mag

    I knew that and [also] I only shoot my .450 Marlin just enough to stay reasonably proficient, and not for sport. I don't really enjoy shooting it and I consider it to be only an "emergency weapon", to be used exclusively when I'm out in the wilderness and about to be torn to shreds by a big, maniac, charging animal with a bad attitude. So that .50 [or the .457 Magnum] would certainly not be on my list of guns I would want to shoot.