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  1. Finally got back to the range yesterday and had some DT 180 & 165 and the gun functioned perfectly :biggrin: Switched back to Glock stock barrel and guide rod and had no problem with the Blazer alum. rounds. DT ammo is awesome. Thanks for good info Shadow and everyone else. Mr. Ed
  2. Shadow, have not had chance to get back to range yet, but a few more observations. Without loaded magazine, gun functions fine as far as slide operation and dry firing. When I insert loaded magazine the last 1/4", I have to forcefully shove mag. in to place and gun locks up. Don't know how or if this relates to problem. Thanks for your imput. Mr. Ed
  3. Thanks Shadow, will follow up on your suggestions. Mr. Ed
  4. Hey guys, just got a Bar-sto semi-drop in barrel, 22# Wolff springs and dropped it in my Glock 20 to try out at range. Just had some Blazer 10MM ammo and could not get the the magazine to feed at all. Slide would not move. Do I need to try other ammo? Got some Double Tap on the way. Did not install trigger spring Wolff sent, would that make a differece? Do I need to send barrel and slide into Bar-Sto and let them fit the barrel? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Ed
  5. Thanks Shadow, you answered my question. Since I keep my Glocks loaded and chambered, racking under stress is not an issue. :biggrin: Will heed your advise on the striker and striker channel. Ed
  6. I got the same Wolff kit for Glock 20, also. Do I need to change the firing pin spring? Got guide and 22# spring and will be firing DT and Buffalo Bore. Thanks for any assistance. Ed
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