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  1. They have steel reinforcements, like the (10)s, but from what I can tell, their quality control isn't as good.
  2. A lot of .223 AK poly mags are that way; I just normally let mine wear down naturally via insertion/extraction. And as to ProMag- I honestly have no idea how they stay in business. The only ProMags I have ever heard good things about are the GSG-5 mags- I got a few of them and they worked flawlessly the first feeding, then began become increasingly less reliable. To date I have filed back the feed lips and rigerously cleaned them to see if that improves reliability. If you buy any ProMag, be warned: there's a high likelihood of it having feeding problems. I've found it's usually an off-spec follower, poorly designed feed lips or an overly tight body.
  3. No one has any idea if these will even fit? I suspect that they will, but would like first-hand reports.
  4. My new baby has arrived and I only have 2 30-rd Factory 10 mags for her, (Arsenal Inc. SLR 106FR). I've seen some Polish Radom wz1996 Beryl mags around and was wondering how the fit, feed and wear are for these. Admittedly, Arsenal Co. Ltd., (Factory 10), is famous for their quality, but I'm finding the Radoms more affordable and their build looks similar to the AK-74 mags, which I like. Thoughts?
  5. I'll say it again: given the way the states and citizenry are polarizing, that could easily be the worst action he's made in office.
  6. I just hope you're out in the middle of no where. It takes a lot of land to keep a family fed without depleting the food supply; at least meatwise.
  7. An elder of my cousin's church, (who presumably doesn't have a history of apocolyptic excitment), has felt the urge to warn people that, in 2013, there will be a need for "food storage". This is obviously not a new message, as preppers around the nation know, but I figured I would share it for all that take into consideration Divine Inspiration, the Gift of Prophecy or Extrasensory Perception. Given the recent droughts, food price and stock fluxuation and the evidence that the most recent "Obama Gun Scare" has left us with, (massive product demand, wide-spread panic, the shutdown or refusal of entire businesses to fuction as they previously had, etc.), it's not too difficult to imagine the chaos that can be reaped by fear and hunger induced madness. If the Gov't gets involved and hits their "screw things up worse button", aka executive order, preparedness really is necessary. I would put this in the survival forum, but I figured the reference point wasn't quite what would be expected. Anyway, it never hurts to be prepared.
  8. May she be with the Father and at peace. Peace until all your family.
  9. Super, you're yelling "Stampede" at someone hanging on to a pair of horns for dear life. We already got the memo, pal. Having naturally high adrenaline levels and a stress/panic condition, I've been shaking for several days straight now.
  10. Piers is one of those guys which basically plays the role of the bully; you're invited onto his show and then he attempts to insult your integrity and intellegence, but he CANNOT STAND it when someone tries to reverse the roll. In the case of Ted Nugent, Piers realized that he was definitely going to be wearing a skirt by the end of the interview.
  11. I just saw the ad on my fricken Cryptozoology video! Stupid hippies... "Stop world hunger" "Stop bullying" "Stop gun violence". This is Earth, not a dream land! *Cryptozoology and "not a dream land" seen in the same paragraph* Oh shut up! Bigfoot could be real...
  12. I agree. At this point the NRA, GOA and such need to say, "Okay, we stand together to stop this. We'll dispute the past later, but RIGHT NOW the enemy of my enemy is my friend." I'm a GOA guy and don't always trust the NRA, but they do serve a purpose.
  13. Best enjoyed with a side of crying hippies.
  14. I don't know how well this would go over in a big city, but as soon as word got out around here, the woods would be alive. Alive with manly beards and gun metal...
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