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  1. It's been a few years, so here is an updated list: Smith and Wesson 610 Smith and Wesson 310 night guard Bond Arms snake slayer with 10mm barrels Coharie Army CA89-10 Witness P-carry Witness wonder compact Witness full sized Smith 1006 Smith 1076 Smith 1086 Wyoming Parker Thompson Auto Ordnance 1911 Kimber Stainless Target II Colt Double Eagle Colt Delta stainless Colt Delta blue Dan Wesson Razorback CZ Dan Wesson CBOB Glock 20 Glock 29 IAI Javelina I think that covers it....
  2. I haven't seen one designed for a 10mm mag yet. I tried to finagle a .45 version to work and it does not. But, I have also heard of folks having problems with them getting the follower to transition smoothly from the extension to the regular magazine body so reliability may still be an issue
  3. Last I heard the Baytown, TX (Houston area) still has their MP-5/10's..... Oh if I could only convince them to 'lose' a couple of them :oh yea:
  4. A few months ago I had a telephone convesation with one of the Kimber custom shop guys on the specific top of an ultra-carry in 10mm... As soon as I brought it up he most emphatically said that it could not be done. The problem is their frames are simply not strong enough to take the abuse that a 10mm is going to dish out... He said it would take a completely redesigned frame in a different material than what they are using on the current ultra-carry models to do it. And he indicated that Kimber has no plans to do so that he knew about.
  5. Colt versus DW... Xtrooper. Yes, Colt DOES have very good 1911's with all of the bells and whistles available for sale. But I suggest you look at what you get for your dollar.. IMO Colt has realized that folks are willing to pay a premium to purchase an item with their trademark on it. If you have a thousand dollars to spend, you can get higher level product from DW than you do from Colt. Or, put another way, to get the same level of product you get from DW, you would have to lay out more money to buy from Colt. Now, do I blame them? No, if they figure they can get an extra profit from their name, more power to them. But there are a few of us who would rather shop quality than name. I have two Delta Elites (both older models) which are good guns. I also have two DW's (one razorback and one bobtail) and they are EXCELLENT guns... One of my local shops has a brand new Delta AND a brand new DW 10mm... I have handled both... They retail within $150 of each other.... but even right out of the box, the Delta would need a hundred bucks worth of 'accessories' to match the DW... and the DW's trigger is better to boot meaning the Delta would have to go to a smith to get trigger work... All in all, the brand new items in the shop still show that DW is a better deal than the Delta Elite... Unless of course what one REALLY wants is the Colt name.
  6. Yes, I'll end up buying the Fortis (or Bren depending on what they end up calling it).... I will probably also end up getting the MSAR bullpup if they ever produce it. MSAR is even worse than Vltor about providing info about it... As to the CZ in 10mm.... The Witnesses are pretty much clones of the CZ... sort of
  7. It has been a long time since I updated my list... So here goes. S&W 610 EAA Witness Steel Carry EAA Witness Poly Colt Delta Elite in Stainless (older model) Colt Delta Elite Blued (older model) Colt Double Eagle Dan Wesson Razorback (older model) Dan Wesson Bobtail Commander Glock 20 Glock 29 Thompson 1911 Kimber Stainless Target II Smith 1006 Smith 1076 (most recent purchase) Smith 1086 Cohairie CA-89/10 (MP-5 clone) And always looking for the next 10mm.... That Feather Arms carbine looks like it may be up next. Of course if the Fortis comes out, I have to get it as well.
  8. There's ALWAYS room for more 10mm's..... I have 15 and am always on the lookout for number 16.... They all play nicely with each other. I have never had to separate them due to squabbles.... But, if it must be sold, it must be sold... Just do all of us 10mm fans a favor and try to see that it goes to a good home... A place that will take good care of it... There are only so many of those great guns left...
  9. Not so much on the barrels... but on the MP-5/10 clone... I have a Cohairie clone in 10mm myself... It came with a list of ammo not to shoot through it... Winchester white box (they added "from Wal-mart" though I'm not sure why that would matter) Remington UMC Blazer And then they added "surplus ammo" and "reloads".... I can only suspect that the three named types are probably loaded closer to the orginal 10mm loadings which are pretty smoking... I know in other weapons like my G20, the Blazer is noticeably harder hitting than a lot of others... So, I got a thousand rounds of American Eagle 10mm 180gr FMJ's for playing and the Cohairie runs fine with that. Unfortunately I'm about out of ammo and I'm dreading what another thousand rounds of 10mm is going to cost I imagine that if one wants to run something more stout, some spring mods and such might be in order. I suspect that as long as your loads stay close to what current factory ammo is putting in in terms of pressure limits, you should be fine. I would avoid full up Norm spec stuff from the 80's...
  10. The pics on the website are not representative of the actual items. Look below. One is going to have a tan finish with synthetic grips. A very different looking animal than the one pictured. I have not yet purchased or shot a Dan Wesson Pointman.... So other than saying that the brand has a good reputation, I cannot really give you any useful advice on the specific firearms....
  11. The RZ-10 is an excellent 1911 in my opinion.... I wouldn't give mine up for anything... I'd jump on one if you find one. If you can find one that is a pre-CZ there seems to be a bit of a premium on those. I have one pre-CZ razorback and I have a CZ bobtailed commander. I like them both... Having taken the opportunity to fondle one at a local shop, I am less than impressed with the new Delta. I have 2 old Delta's. Both have seen quite a bit of shooting and still feel better than the new one. The Delta ELITE was supposed to be just that. A great gun. The new one to me is realistically a 750 dollar entry level 1911 with an out the door price tag more suited to something with quite a bit more to it. It just feels 'cheap' to me compared to the original. The Kimber's are good quality guns as well. I have a Stainless Target II that has been a good piece. I'll admit to HATING the thing for the first few hundred rounds as it was a cranky little girl. Then it settled in and turned into a helluva gun. If you opt for a new one, be patient and don't be frustrated if it is a bit cranky at first... Keep shooting it and it will be well worth the wait. There are 15 different 10mm's in my safe today. I love them all.... Glocks, Witnesses, Colts, Smiths, Dan Wessons, Thompson, Kimber, and even a Cohairie... As with everyone else here... Anxiously awaiting the moment I can get in line for my Fortis....
  12. I have a Dan Wesson Razorback, I also have a CZ Dan Wesson bob tailed commander... I also have the Kimber Stainless Target II. The Kimber is a good gun. The Razorback is an excellent one. I do like my Kimber. I LOVE my Razorback.
  13. You have? Can I send you mine for fixing? Just kidding... I actually haven't had much in the way of problems with mine yet... The only thing I have noticed with my witnesses is that I generally have to walk a half a mile or so to pick up the brass... Man that thing throws the cases a long way. They all land pretty close to each other.... just 15 feet back and 25 feet right...
  14. Not really.... The firing pin/striker indentation is only a small part of the story.. But if you ordered an aftermarket barrel for your handgun AND put in a trigger mod such as a heavier or lighter striker spring, then the change would be complete... There would be essentially nothing the same from that 'test fired' casing... Of course this means that the next step for the cowards would be to ban the sale of replacement parts except through some licensed dealer who would do some sort of state re-testing of the firearm submitting a new 'printed' cartridge.
  15. While I have come to doubt Fortis's promises regarding timelines.... They did indicate in one of their notes that while the Fortis would take Witness mags, they also had a good supply of their own mags for sale with the firearms... We might be able to make magazine orders direct from Vltor.
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