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  1. Shooter1

    10mm or 357SIG?

    All I can say to the inaccuracies in this thread is WOW. I must *assume* they are based on *assumptions* or "what they read on the internet". I currently own and carry both 10MM and 357SIGs, one 10MM and three 357SIGs, as well as currently or in the recent past owning 45ACP, 40S&W, 9MM para, 357 Mag, and 38 Spl. I also own heavy caliber hunting pistols but those are not in the discussion. The 357SIG and 10MM are my fav carry calibers for a number of reasons I won't cover in this post. They are both inherently accurate and hard hitting with deep penetration. I guess my choice of what I will carry today boils down to what size weapon I can conceal given the day's dress and the number or rounds I feel comfortable with that particular day. Given the abilities of both, I no longer have a need for the 40S&W or my 9MMs. They are being sold off to pay for my latest desire -- yet another 45ACP because Fortis is just dragging around too long for me. If you decide to reload the 357SIG, do not try to headspace it on the shoulder. As for value as a defensive round, there are a few agencies that seem to see value in the 357SIG including the Texas Dept of Public Safety as well as many local Texas agencies, the Tenn Highway Patrol, US Secret Service and the Air Marshall Service, North Caroline Highway Patrol, Delaware - Rhode Island - and Virgina State Police, US Treasury Agents -- just to name a few. Many of those replaced the 40S&W or 9MM Para to go with the 357SIG. The 9X23 Winchester is carried by -- nobody? In short, any of the above mentioned rounds will get the job done if you put the bullet in the right place at the right time and there is no need to "trash" any of them. I currently favor both the 10MM and 357SIG but could accomplish what I need to accomplish just as well with any of the others. Pick a round and reliable platform and become deadly proficient with the combo. That's the ticket.
  2. Shooter1

    Which holster for a 1076?

    3rdpig, You may want to give Mitch Rosen a call or email: http://www.mitchrosen.com/ I use his ARG for a forward-cant IWB and his 5JR for a belt slide, both for my 1076 and P239 Sig and am very pleased with both styles. Both styles work VERY well for CCW and are some of the highest quality gear I have ever seen. His standard higher priced line does take some time to get but most of the "Express" line can be had in just a few weeks. The "Express" line is a little less fancy but still very high quality. Some of the other styles may catch your eye as well but I can highly rec the two mentioned from personal experience.
  3. Shooter1

    OK, were the Gulf States

    Good Morning, Shadow Seems the population of our little "Gulf States" corner of AR15Armory is a little on the sparse side. I guess we'll have to see how some ol' boys and gals from LA and MS can coexist in the same house. We can probably manage just fine now that college football season is over. Looks like that cold front will be coming through tonight, at least in North MS anyway. Naturally, there is also the possibility for some of that circular weather as well. Hopefully it will bring you some better hunting weather. I have hunted the LA swamps in 70 and 80F weather so am fully aware of what you mean. Happy holidays
  4. Shooter1

    So I'm cleaning my Sig

    Thanks for the welcome and comments, Shadow. I didn't really forget I had the 10, more like I just ignored or neglected it. My new bottle of CLP was sitting next to it and the thought crossed my mine I had not seen it out of the box in a LONG time -- maybe a dozen years. Yeah, I know -- I should be whipped. At any rate, the 10MM fever has jumped back on me with both feet to the point I have looking around a little today for something new -- don't want to wear out my Smith. The upcoming Fortis looks very promising and also taking a look at the DW and Kinber offerings. That Fortis, though -- hummm.
  5. Shooter1

    So I'm cleaning my Sig

    Thanks for the welcome, Sam. I spent a little more time today with my 10 and it proved once again why I chose it all those years ago. It's accurate, it hits VERY hard, and it consumed the 5 different loads I fed it today with nary a hiccup. I actually glad I didn't send it in for the recall when I got the notice and instead waited until now. It's almost like I have a brand new pistol without spending the big bucks.
  6. a couple of weeks ago (it's my current CCW and has been for a few years) and I go into the safe for a new bottle of CLP and I spot a long-neglected blue box over in the corner. I haul out the box and open it like a kid at Christmas -- it really has been a LONG time since I checked it. Inside is my "new" 1076 purchased on 9-27-1990. I say "new" because also in the box is all the paperwork along with the original recall letter received not too long after purchase and I became a little leery of carrying the piece because I never sent it in for correction. I would say it has something less than 200 rounds through it, more than likely less than 100, even though it is very accurate. So I clean the storage oil off it and slip in down in the Rosen leather I bought for it when new. I fell in love with that 1076 all over again and the same thought crossed my mind that crossed in the early 90s -- how did all those wusses manage to get in the FBI anyway. To get this story back on track, that same recall letter was looking me in the eye and off to the internet I went looking for a solution. What I found was this forum containing the info that the great bunch at S&W would still do the "fix" gratis on my old friend. I would have paid for the service and offered to do as much but the great folks at Smith would hear nothing of it. The brown truck rolled up in front of my house yesterday with my newly-dotted 1076. I grabbed up a box of Silvertips and hit the door grinning like a fool. It's STILL very accurate. My Sig will now have to share some holster time. The primary reason for this post is to give you guys a big THANK YOU for this site and the knowledge contained within. Without this source of detailed info, I probably would have just sighed and slid that blue box back in the safe. Now I will put it to work. Thanks guys!