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  1. porgie

    3 610's for sale

    HI steve, I only get to play on the computer every so often. Sorry it took so long to get back. I still have the three 610's for sale and will send you the pictures as soon as i get my son to show me for the third time how to do it again ! The guns are great shooters and smooth as glass. especialy the 5 inchers.I have shot one in all kinds of compition and target shoots. they are not for the weak handed person who only picks up a gun twice a year. the 10mm is one hell of a good caliper as you already know. I have a ernie hill speed holster thats fitted for the 5 inch guns. 1500 emptys, extra grips, dot scopes, and i think an extra set of reloading dies. When you get the pictures give me a ring and will discuss prices. there where only around 1800 of the 5 "made. My age and a few hand problems is telling me to down size for all the shooting i do. I still am keeping a caspian racegun which i had professonally built to my specs by a good friend and gunsmith of mine. A 1006 s&w and one other 610. I won't give them all up , I like the 10mm that much. I live in Pa. My e-mail is gwd333@comcast.net
  2. porgie

    3 610's for sale

    The 6.5' is stock except for a trigger job. The 2- 5" have bobbed hammers, narrowed triggers,flaired polished cylinder entrance holes for qiuk reloading, ported barrels ,drilled and tapped for scope mounts,extra grips, springs, 80 moon clips,2000 emptys,Ernie Hill speed holster, that pretty much tells it all. these guns were set up for speed compatition, steel, pins, target.ect.The one has had probably close to 10000 rounds thru it but is my best shooter and most accurate. these guns don't wear out if you don't load full house max loads. I have shells that have been loaded close to 20 times and still no cracks. I would like to sell these guns between 6 to 7 hundred each depended on which you want and what extra's. contact me so i can send you detailed pictures.
  3. porgie

    S&W 625

    I have 3 610's for sale .Two 5 in. and one 6.5 in. these are 1989 vintage no locks and good old firing pins.The 6,5 has been shot very little, and the one 5in. has had minimal. the other one which is my best shooter has had probley 10000 rounds threw it. these guns don't ware out. there is play in the cylinder and wear on the crain but I'll put it up against any of the new guns and kick there but. I HAVE SHOT THIS GUN IN COMPITION for 15 years and love it . I sold it ,treaded it, and finally got it back. the only reason I won't to sell it is beacause of health reasons. The body isn't quite what it used to be. I will send you pictures if your hungry for a nice gun. george
  4. porgie

    WTB 10mm Brass

    I have plenty of brass, Only thing is they been reloaded 10 times or more. I have some that have gone probably 15 times and have not cracked. I have been shooting my original shells from 15 years ago. If you keep your loads around 1000fps. you should have no problem. I load 5 grians of solo 1000. or win 231 in bullet wts. of 140 to 180 gr. and find they both shoot equally well. sorry I cant help you right now. goodluck. george
  5. porgie


    I have about 2000 emptys but would like to sell them along with three 610's. Two are 5" and one 6.5". I have about 90 moon clips extra grips ,speed holster,dot scopes,about everything you need to be in compitition or just plane target shooting.These gun have had extensive work done on them. The two 5" are ported hammers boobed triggers narrowed cylinders flared and polished mainsprings lightened for speed shooting you name it. I used these guns for pin and steel matches and they did just fine. these guns are in demand and i don't want to sell them for nothing . I havend put a price on everything yet until i get an accurate count of everything. If you are interested give me a reply My email is gwd333@comcast.net thank's George
  6. porgie

    WTT for a S & W 10 series

    have 3 610's for sale two 5" and 1 6-1/2" if interested please contact me
  7. I love the picture. I'll have to set my collection of 10's up like that. Impressive!
  8. porgie


  9. porgie

    Seeking a S&W 1076

  10. porgie

    Seeking a S&W 1076

    I don,t no where you can find a 1076 for sale. I have a 1006 and 3 s&w 610,s i would like to sell. I have been a die hard 10mm man for 15 years and shoot nothing else. In my mind there is no better cal. for all around use. I shoot target, pins, steel you name it all with the same load. I Have every thing there is for the competative shooter. speed holster , 100 moon clips 3000 cases reloading dies 1006 mags, 2 610,s have 5" barrels one is 6.5"
  11. porgie

    Seeking a S&W 1076

  12. porgie

    A little 10mm Gunporn

    Looks nice.