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    Shooting 10mm's....suprise?<br />I am an NRA Chief Range Safety Officer<br />IDPA Safety Officer <br />NRA certified Pistol Instructor<br />Work as a Range Master at the local Range

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  1. https://kriss-usa.com/14-rifles/carbines/54-kriss-vector-gen-ii-crb-black-kv10-cbl20
  2. I have used 40's in my glock 20 on many occasions with no harm done to anything but the targets. As a matter of fact I have used 40's in all my 10mm's flawlessly I do not recommend this to try in your gun......But I wanted to know
  3. A weather induced tragedy......... There has to be something worse that waiting for a new 10mm, but honestly can not think of anything, it will be worth the wait.
  4. True words.........yet all 10mm's are not pistols........My 10mm carbine can hit a bowling pin in the stripes on the neck 10-10 @200yds. 10mm will never be able to reach way out there like the Garand, however in the heavily forested or urban settings I think that it would work just fine.
  5. by definition re: A rhetorical question is a figure of speech in the form of a question that is asked in order to make a point rather than to elicit an answer. on your original post you state: "No wonder 1. They stopped making them and 2. They now put in ramped barrels from the factory." So the answer to the question you ask has already been answered in the original post. That makes it what kind of question? If not rhetorical then redundant.
  6. Rhetorical questions asked to the public instead of the manufacturer. What, did you just have to have the last word???
  7. To start with maybe you should edit the title and make it 10mm. The rest of the question leaves a lot of parameters unknown. There is a wide variety of bullet weights and lots of of good powders to load them with. Which make and model are you going to use? Not all are made the same. That being said, What are your main uses for the 10mm? Hunting? Personal protection? punching holes in paper targets? The Questions go on and on. Personally for around town I carry 180gr Gold Dots @ 1400fps. Over 700flbs. of energy. For practice I load 180 fmj's @ 1400, the idea is to practice with as near to what you carry as you can. Same point of aim and same felt recoil. In bear country I will slip in a mag of 200gr solids. The most accurate loads I have found using the heavier bullets is with Blue Dot and Accurate number 7. edit: Please excuse my manners,,,,,,Welcome
  8. I am looking at my CBOB barrel and there is no ramp. Totally supported 360 degrees. I have fired thousands of full power 180gr @ 1350fps. My standard load for my 10mm's. For carry rounds I use Double Tap 180gr Gold Dots and the 200gr Equalizers. I have been shooting and loading rounds for the 10mm for 25 years now. No light loads, had a 40 Short and Week,,,,,,Gave it to my young son. Please tell us why you would recommend doing something that you would consider dangerous to a fellow member of this group of 10mm lovers? I for one find your negative attitude a bit alarming, even DW offered to make it work for you and you refused their offer. How can you complain when you will not let them fix it???
  9. If you would please explain to me how or where a chamber is unsupported on an unramped barrel? Typically in a pistol the only area of the barrel/chamber that is not supported would be the ramped area........I am seriously concerned, if there is a potential problem with my DW CBOB I want to know more information please.
  10. Talking stock guns......IMHO and years on the range I have come to the conclusion that with the exception of the "custom" such as the Fusion line, STI etc. That the 1911's prefer the "FBI" load, Same with the Witness line. The Glock works. The Mod 20 I carry is usually loaded with 180gr Gold Dots @1400fps. I lost track somewhere in the last century how many rounds have been fired through it, Should be over 100.000 by now. The frame is showing some wear but I carry it all the time, trust it daily.
  11. A heavy solid bullet is best for thick skinned tough game. Double Tap has a 200gr hard cast @ 1300fps. Buffalo Bore makes a 220gr @1200fps. Something along these lines should serve you well.
  12. You guys are really going to say if a SHTF gun is a good choice based on what is on the shelves now??? If the SHTF there will be no ammo to be found, except for that 10mm that was tossed on the floor because no one had a use for it.......You will have to deal with the situation with what you have. That being said, what could be a better pistol and carbine set up than the 10mm. A 10mm carbine will give you head shot accuracy at 200yds all day. High capacity and serious ftlbs. of knockdown. A 10mm will punch straight through any non armored car out there. Try that with your 45 or 9mm Good Luck with that. What is cover from a 9mm is very often only concealment from a 10mm. The 40S&W is a moot point when i consider that every 10mm that I have tried fired the 40's flawlessly. In a SHTF situation, if we were invaded, one of the first things you want is to use your enemies weapons and your enemies ammo against them. Therefor you want the best you can have till you can take theirs.
  13. Back to the original topic: The 10mm is a great SHTF gun for several reasons already posted, it shoots far and flat for a handgun cartridge, Especially when you have a carbine to go with it. bowling pins at 200yds not a challenge. If I were to only want to carry one type of ammo it would be the 10mm. Sure even reloading I will eventually run low on ammo for it, but by then I should have a selection of.picked up guns to choose from. It is capable of taking any North American game species. Designed to be a 41Mag that held more cartridges and it does that really well, 16 rounds of 10mm in less space than 6 rounds of 41mag's. And I do not need to remind anyone that takes a lot less time to reload with a mag. There are a few pistols that are more powerful than the 10mm, None of them have the capacity to match the 10mm.
  14. I can not, do not recommend anybody firing any cartridge not designed for their particular firearm, So in the name of science I gathered a variety of 10mm's and tried them with Speer 180gr Gold Dots in 40S&W. I fired one full magazine out of each pistol and they all functioned perfectly.
  15. the only possible "donor" would be my 1894CC in 41 Mag. The serial number is in the 000100 range.......needless to say I think I will keep that one just the way it is. Awesome shooter.
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