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  1. Two words... Love it!!! It ate everything I ran thru it and was extremely accurate. After reading all the suggestions around replacement barrels, guide rods and springs, I picked up a Lone Wolf 10mm drop-in replacement barrel with a stainless guide rod and 22lb spring. I shot with all combinations of barrel and guide rod/spring combo's and in my hands I found the Lone Wolf barrel with 22lb spring combo to shoot the tightest groups. Granted I wasn't shooting from a benchrest so take that info with a grain of salt I guess ;) Point being I found the LW barrel dropped in and worked great for me. One thing of note is that I really couldn't tell any difference in the recoil with the stock 17lb spring versus the 22lb. Recoil was very mild with my Georgia Arms 165gr ball ammo with either spring and was just a bit more stout with the various Double Tap and other 10mm loads I tried out. All in all I would say the recoil was less "snappy" than my Glock 27 with hot factory .40 ammo.
  2. I decided to add a 10mm back into the gun collection and bought a new Glock 20 today. I have done a fair amount of reading and it seems the most common change done to this pistol is to replace the captured guide rod/spring with a metal rod and stronger spring. Just curious how many of the G20 owners have done this and what you feel is best to go with. I'm leaning towards a Wolff rod with 22lb spring, but open to suggestions. BTW - no special use that requires the change, just thinking it might be helpful with the stronger Doubletap loads I plan on shooting. Thanks!
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