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  1. I just got a NIB Ruger Blakchawk Buckeye. I am not a revolver person normally but since this is in 10mm, I couldn't pass it up. I took it out and fired 100 rounds through it with the 10mm cylinder and 50 with the 38/40 cylinder. Accuracy is terrible with the 10mm cylinder, I checked the throats and they are all undersize, .399. Accuracy with the 38/40 cylinder was outstanding.The throats measure .4015 on that cylinder. I definetly need to open up the throats on the 10mm cylinder. I have never done this before, what should the correct throat measure? thanks
  2. I used a Schuemann barrel in my 10mm officers build and I am very happy with it, very accurate and is holding up great. I am going to use another one on my next build.
  3. Yes it can be, there are two ways to do it, have a .223 bull barrel rebored, which is a little pricey or stub a barrel using a barrel blank. I have one that I stubbed to 10mm using a green mountain barrel blank. Gray beards outdoor forum has a section devoted to the Handi rifle. A lot of people have built handis in all manner of calibers. I am an active member over there, I have barrels in 10mm, 25/20, 6.5x53r, and 50/70. The 10mm and 6.5 are stubbed, the 25/20 is a lined shotgun barrel, the 50/70 is a converted huntsman barrel. I am currently building an m1 carbine in 10mm, it will use 1911 mags, when I get it finished I will probably extend the chamber on my handi rifle to 10mm mag.
  4. .50 cal carbine, that is awsome, how did you do the barrel, stub, turn a new one?
  5. It is about the same amount of work, except with the 10mm, you don't need to open the bolt face as much, but you do need to make a mag well conversion to use different mags, i am going to use 1911 mags.
  6. Very nice, I just sent the barrel of an Auto Ordnance M1 off to be re-bored to 40 cal. I am going to do the build in 10mm, thought about doing it in 10mm mag and using amt magazines but i didn't want to be limited in my OAL on the cartridge. That's why I am going to try the build in 10mm mag on the AR platform. That way I can experiment with the cartridge a little more. That project is after the carbine project and both projects are now on hold till after I return from my next deployment I just got orders for. So for now, I will just collect parts and information.
  7. I am going to use a modified 6.8spc mag similar to this, can't take credit for the idea, got it from Ron Williams.
  8. There are 2 styles of 1911 barrels, ramped and un ramped. An un ramped barrel does not provide full support for the cartridge these are the types of barrels put in most 1911's including the Delta Elite. A ramped barrel provides full support of the cartridge but you will need to have the frame milled to accept the barrel. All the barrels in your photo are ramped barrels. I have a Delta Elite with the stock factory barrel and an officers 10mm with a 3.5 inch Schuemann ramped barrel. My standard load in both is a 180gr hardcast over AA7 that chronographs consistently at 1250fps. This is close to a max load and I have no signs of excessive pressure, and have never had signs of case bulging in either pistol. I have also fired DT and other assorted factory ammo with out any signs of excessive pressure or bulging even in brass that has been reloaded many times. The most important thing is proper fitting and timing of the barrel. You can have the best barrel on the market but if it is not fitted and head spaced properly it will give you all kinds of problems and dangers.
  9. I did a similar conversion on a small ring mauser, I used a rheinland arms mag well converter and ejector, with a green mountain barrel. Green mountain barrels has raw 10mm/40 blanks for $33 http://www.gmriflebarrel.com/productdetail.aspx?id=40-BLANK I ordered 3 from them sometime back, I turned one down for the mauser and am sitting on the other 2 for future projects. Here is a link to the rhineland arms conversion, they sell the whole kit for the mauser for $160 in 45 acp with the barrel or $60 for the mag well adapter and ejector. Maybe it will give you some ideas. The adapter lets you use 1911 mags. I used a 7.62 x 39 extractor that I bought from Brownells for the bolt and it works well with the 10mm, like you said though, using a carcano the bolt should work well as is. Another thought would be to use a barrel with a barrel lock nut like a savage uses, this way you could turn down 2 barrels and have one in both calibers and the option to swap them out. I wish I would have done it this way. I will get the mauser out and post some pics of it. http://troupsystems.com/mauser45kits.htm It really is a fun conversion, I am going to a 10mm mag in the future but it will probably be on the ar platform but I am not sure yet. Going to build a semi auto 10mm rifle next. Good luck with your project, let me know how it turns out.
  10. Auto Ordanance is making new M1 carbines, it is what I am considering to use as the basis of the conversion.
  11. I am getting ready to start collecting parts for my next build but cant decide between the Ar or M1 carbine in 10mm. Whats your opinion. I can build the M1 cheaper than the Ar.
  12. Wow, this is very cool, I just got my corbin swaging equipment out to make a batch of 30 mauser bullets. I was thinking of adding the dies to make 180gr jacketed soft points for a 10mm rifle. This is great info, THANKS!!!!
  13. I think the best candidate for a 10mm conversion in a lever action would be the Marlin Model 62, it was a lever action 30 carbine with detachable mag. If I ever find one at a decent price I am going to give it a try.
  14. Yes it is still in the white for now, I am going to send it off to Fords to have it royal blued. I have a set of Ivory grips for it and will add them after it is blued. I use gunzila on it. I take it to the range about 2 times a month and take it to the hunting lease often. In the field I carry it in an uncle mikes holster so it is protected some. I don't carry it on a daily basis yet. I want to see how it is going to hold up before I start carrying it,( use my delta elite for carry). I keep an accurate round count and am going to magnaflex the slide and frame for signs of cracking. I did this once at 5k rounds and So far it has held up great, no signs of cracking. I always use 24# wolf recoil springs, changing them out every 500rnds and a 23#lb hammer spring, with a well fit EGW firing pin stop. Brass is thrown about 10 to 12 feet. The only changes I have made are, after 1k rounds, I changed out the sear, disconnector, hammer strut and the pins. I had originally used a fusion trigger group and really did not like it all, the hammer strut was soft and actually bent causing play in the hammer. I changed them out with colt parts and did a trigger job, and now have a 3.5lb trigger pull that has not changed after 9k rounds. A lot of people have had trouble with the pin on the Ellison sight working out on, I have not had this problem.It wasn't any more difficult to build then a 45 officers, I just really took my time and went one step at a time. It is my favorite pistol.
  15. been thinking of something the same, an Oly upper wouldnt work because it is blow back. The 10mm case will work with a 7.62 or 6.8 bolt, by using a locked breach you would really be able to get the most out of the round.
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