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  1. I just received my full size 10 from Bud's guns. The pic on the website showed the "old" slide. The pistol I received has the "new", lighter slide. I wasn't too thrilled about how the slide looks (I like the old slide better), but It doesn't look too bad. Now, since some folks are getting the old style slide, and some are getting the new, I'm wondering if EAA, or, Tanfoglio, are trying to dump the lighter slides hoping most will be OK. Seems like a huge risk to take given the law suit happy nature of our society. Imagine 1 person being injured by a slide failure now that the word has been out for awhile.... By-By EAA. In light of all the failures I've been reading about, I'm a little worried about mine breaking, and the cost to send it back for repairs. I bought this pistol because I love hot-rod shootin' irons and I planned on shooting full power 10's. If all I can (should) shoot out of it is neutered stuff, I would have bought another .45. :why: If mine does break, I think I'll try to talk EAA into replacing the slide with a match slide and BBL. I'll pay for the difference in cost between the two. I was going to buy a match when I bought this pistol but I wanted a DA/SA. Voluntary recall?
  2. Since you already have a Para P14 (I love them BTW), Why not do something like this? http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=113037515 I'd buy it, but I just bought a Witness.
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