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  1. JohnY516

    Trying to sell my Glock 20

    I sold a glock 20 once.....then bought another one.
  2. JohnY516

    New G20

    Welcome. My G20 runs just fine with the double tap ammo and its all bone stock.
  3. Freakin Awesome! :biggrin: I had 4 different loads from double tap 200gr fmj, 180 gold dot, 165 gold dot, any 135 nosler. The G20 is all stock and I had no problems at all. The nosler was my favorite to shoot. I chose the 165gr gold dot for my carry round. Im ordering a comptac pro undercover so I can CCW this amazing gun. About halfway through my session and older quy started asking questions about the gun/round. I let him put 5 rounds through it and he was quite impressed. Turns out he was a retired sheriff deputy. After all this shooting I couldn't help but wonder why this amazing caliber isn't the most popular of them all.
  4. JohnY516

    Just got a glock 20

    Thanks for all the info guys. I just ordered 250 rounds of double tap ammo and a lone wolf conversion barrel. The barrels already here and the ammo should be arriving monday. Hoping to get to the range by tuesday to test this thing out!
  5. JohnY516

    glock 20c ?'s

    Where can I get that punisher slide cover plate!
  6. Cant wait to shoot this thing :biggrin: . I do have a couple questions though. All I need to be able to shoot .40 through it is the lone wolf drop in conversion barrel, correct? Also I plan on shooting some hot 10mm ammo through this gun.....should I order anything else like springs or guiderods to accommodate the hotter loads? I would think that the stock gun should be able to take whatever ammo I feed it but I wasn't sure. Thats all I can think of for now.