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  1. Boomer8404

    Hi Yall, New Here

    Its finally here, and I love it. Im surprised though as to how big the Glock 20 is. Ill try to get some pics posted of my new treasure later this evening.
  2. Boomer8404

    Hi Yall, New Here

    I finally made the jump to the 10MM crowd. I was sitting around deciding that I had too many alloy pro farmed Kimber .45s laying around and came across a good trade. Im currently in excruciating pain waiting for my Glock G20 to come in, should be here Thursday or Friday. Ill post some pics of the setup once it comes in. Anyways, I hope to make some friends here, and if any of Yall are out in El Paso, TX maybe Ill catch you on the range someday. Heres the specs on my new found treasure of a trade. 1. Like new G20 300 rounds down the pipe but it has been babied (shell package dates 03/08) 2. Insight X2 Laser/Light w/ a backup battery 3. Glockworx Ultimate Fulcrum Trigger Kit (installed) 4. Serpa Holster 5. Glockmeister Guide Rod with Heavyweight Spring 6. 6" Storm Lake Hunting Barrel 7. 2 boxes of 10mm..Black Talon 8. Springco Recoil Reducer and Springs 9. 2 Mags and all original parts,manual and shell package included as well...comes with box and all papers.