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  1. Just finished a custom commander by Fusion for a customer. I would love to show the pictures, however I can't get them to transfer from Photobucket. I followed the instructions to a T. I will try tomorrow. Getting frustrated never helps.
  2. Sorry for the delay. New job has me pretty busy. Like the old saying goes, the only thing worse than working is not working. Man is it tough out there. Anyway, here is what I was planning. Kel-Tec makes a sub-gun called the Sub-2000. It is an awesome concept. A rifle that folds up to fit inside a standard briefcase or regular sized back-pack. They come in 9mm and .40 S&W. They are made to take Beretta, S&W or Glock mags. I figured that reaming the barrel would be easy, I have the reamer and the know how. The issue is that the handgrip is where the mag goes, and the engineers at Kel-Tec are one step ahead of us and have a bar at the rear that secures the back of the mag and the grip panels together. So without major modifications to the magwell, it seems like this may not work. Coupled with the fact that Kel-Tec has one of the worst marketing strageties in the free market. I understand from several of my distributers, I am a class 07 FFL holder, that they keep production low on purpose to keep interest up on their guns. If you do a search for the Sub-2000, you will quickly see what I mean. My distributer rep at RSR said he could sell, dramatic pause, 10,000 of these guns if they were readily available. I am on the list at 5 places for 2 of each caliber, and have been for 6 months. I can get barrels from Kel-Tec without any questions asked, but they will not sell the grip panels without returning a set in exchange. So, might have been fun to try if I wasn't concerned about totally destroying the thing in the process and not being able to get another one. I have to hand it to Kel-Tec, or at least their engineers. It is a fun gun to shoot, accurate as all get out, and you would only need to have one set of mags for it and the Glock 9 or .40 in case you have to bug out or are a big camper, outdoorsman etc.
  3. New direction! Anyone know how similar S&W 10XX mags are to the 4006? By the way Shadow, NICE!
  4. Great! Just what I need, another hobby. Well I was married before I went to this forum. LOL
  5. I wonder if Bob Serva at Fusion can help. Those are tougher than all get out. I have one in full-size that I would run into a burning building to retrieve.
  6. Dang. Well, I am not one that discourages easily. I will work on it for a few days. I still have a few tricks up my sleeve. If I run into a total no-go situation, I will tell everyone what I was attempting to do. I hope not, it would be AWESOME. I will keep you posted. I will give it until this Sunday, 12-11-11 and then put everyone out of their misery. Thanks to all that have responded. Let me know if you come up with any new ideas.
  7. The Glock 22 mags have the steel plate in the rear. I put a round of 10mm American Eagle and it is just slightly too long, about the width of the steel plate attached to the inside rear of the mag. If that was taken out, I bet it would take 10mm ammo. The follower is marked; 40/10. Has anyone removed that steel part from a mag? Was it easy or hard?
  8. I have a weapon in .40 that I am experimenting on. I want to convert to 10mm. It takes Glock 22 mags now and I need to know if I can squeeze 10mm into a Glock 22, even if it needs to be modified, or if 20's fit in a 22. Shadow, do you remember the maniacal laughter from the great radio show The Shadow? Bruahahahahahahaha. I will let everyone know once I get the engineering figured out.
  9. Ok, I need some help. If this works, I will do the conversions for you for a small fee + shipping. Here is what I need to know. Does anyone have a Glock 22 and a Glock 20 that can compare magazines. I need to know if they are close or the same externally. So would a 22 fit into a 20 and vice versa. If they are I will do my conversion and test it, then post everything for all to see. Thanks in advance.
  10. Very nice 1006. Comes with original plastic grips and Hogue after-market grips and 1 magazine. $600.00 to your FFL
  11. Very nice 1076. 1 magazine. $650 gets it to your FFL.
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