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  1. Got my Delta courtesy of UPS to my FFL. It is a SS pre enhanced with the slot cut and factory night sights. Looks barely shot but had some outside scratches I had to polish out. SN is 15XXX which is a low number I believe. I changed to a full length guide rod , Wilson buffer and 23lb Wolff spring. OK now for the question. Did the early Delta's come in a brown Plastic case that had an embossed bear scene on the top? That's what mine came in but it doesn't say Colt on it. Got some increased magazine springs on backorder from Midway. Now to get to shooting it. I will need to learn how to post picture here. hotcap
  2. Has anyone tried the Sprinco recoil management system guide rod replacement? If so how did it work? thanks hotcap
  3. Did all of the Delta Elites come with factory night sights? thanks hotcap
  4. First off hello to all this is my first post on this 10mm board. I have a 1076 and just purchased (not here yet) a Delta Elite SS with less than a box of shells through it for $700. The frame issue was only with first run and correct me if I am wrong but only the steel frame and not the SS frame? I have been looking for a Delta for a long time that was reasonable and in excellent shape. Some I saw at gun shows looked they had been dragged there behind the truck. Thanks for the help. hotcap
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