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  1. OK I tested my first set of reloads.. Results? at 20 yards, I was all over the place,, it was embarassing!! LMAO The max load at 7.5 grains felt nice, heavier recoil but wasnt too accurate.. :( The lighter load at 7 grains was better, I was able to keep the shots within the 8 inch Shoot N See target at 20 yards.. Funny thing though, the 7 grain load felt stronger than the factory ammo that I was using for comparison. The reloading chart shows a minimum load of 6.8grains and max load of 7.5 for the Hogdon Universal powder for a 165 grain bullet.. I'll stick to 7 -7.2 load,, I wanna be able to hit my target
  2. Cool Shadow I might check out those spacers So what are you guys using to reload? what powder and how much? Just trying to get some idea so I can copy it, hehe The powder I'm using right now is Hodgdon Universal at 7.5 grains (+/- .2 grains) with a 165 grain Rainier TMJ FP bullet.. Is this load OK? I haven't tested yet. Was just curious what you guys use..
  3. Ahh OK.. I Got it,,, I did do the factory round but I just locked it after the die touched the case. I will adjust it and turn an additonal 1/4 turn to get the crimp.. Thanks for the all the Information,, Im learning alot from here :bowdown:
  4. Oh I also adjusted the expander die,, since the first bullet I seated was shaved a little. All the other ones are good to go.. cant wait to test the rounds.. My evil conscience wants me to load it hotter, lol :naughty: But I better play it safe and stick to the recommendations for now
  5. Thanks shadow :biggrin: The die Im using is by RCBS.. 3 die set for the .40 S&W/10MM Auto I destroyed the 2 that were loose, hehe
  6. Thanks, for the info.. I guess I need to buy another die , a crimping die? :sweatingbullets: I'm spending more money with all the supplies than just buying factory ammo, lol Maybe in the long run, I'll save some :clap_1:
  7. Hey guys,, I finally got most of my equipment to do a set of reloads.. I was able to do my first 50 reloads and while almost all came out perfectly, on some, the bullets were a bit loose even after resizing the case. It's loose enough that I can turn the seated bullet with my fingers. Next to trashing that round, is there anything I can do to make it fit tighter? :why:
  8. Cool,, Got the Link,, Bookmarked it under my favorites.. :biggrin: Thats some serious PSI under max load of the 10 mm Thanks for the help :bowdown:
  9. Sorry I havent been on in a couple days but Shadow,, YOu read my Mind!! You are the Reloading Guru!! I was wondering if I had to purchase a special die to make the bullet set right in the case.. I read somethign about a case expander so the case dont shave off the bullet during seating, but most of it was for Rifle rounds, I wasnt sure if I had to do it for the 10mm Case.. I wish someone would just show me the steps physically so I can be more comfortable with it but youre information is very helpful.. Thanks again.. Oh my Rock Chucker arrived Yesterday.. I dont have the die set yet but I did buy a Hodgdon Universal powder.. I heard Hodgdon is good :clap_1:
  10. OK,, Thanks again Shadow, I think Im ready to reload :wos_armee_026:
  11. OK Anyone ever do this Bump Firing thing? Ive seen people put Rubber bands on rifle triggers and make it shoot like an automatic.. Pistol Bump Firing looks cool too but what's the technique? Heres one that does a pretty good job Bump Firing Heres another one
  12. Ok one more question LOL. I promise I wont have as many questions when I get more experienced in reloading.. Looking at the load data, why does it require less powder charge for a heavier bullet? You'd think you would want more power to push the heavier bullet and less for a lighter one.. Why is this as such? This is like having a V8 on Ford Focus and a 4 cylinder a F 150 hehe
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