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  1. I was reading a very interesting article in Guns and Ammo about the right defensive caliber. The article based its judgment not only on performance, but also upon "ethical"/legal issues. Many cases were presented where the usage of a powerful cartridge(in defense of an attack) resulted in the imprisonment of the defender. i found that the most interesting case was, One night a man heard his wife scream from downstairs, so he grabbed the only available firearm (a .44 revolver, which he used for hunting) and ran downstairs, saw that his front door was open and ran outside. It was twilight and the trespasser was holding up an object and was slowly walking towards him. The man yelled "stop" repeatedly but the trespasser continued so the man open fired. It turns out that the trespasser was a drunk Japanese foreign exchange student holding a camera, and the man was charged with man slaughter The article went on, and eventually lead to the conclusion that it is best for a defensive caliber to be at least as powerful as 9mm, but not anymore powerful then .45acp. I was wondering what you guys thought of the 10mm and the .41 magnum as a defensive rounds ,keeping in mind the legal retributions (which seem more frequent ) i do understand that responses from this forum, will most likely be a little bias about the 10mm, but i will be asking another forum aswell, i will share their responses with you later. thank you very much,
  2. i think im going to go with the Cbob, since i plan on using it as a CCW
  3. thanks everyone you guys have been very helpful
  4. Well i am a big fan of the 1911 platform, and i love the preformance of the 10mm round, Thus i was wondering what the options i have for a 10mm 1911. I have been looking up 10mm 1911s and the only ones that i have found are Dan Wesson RZ-10 and the Cbob, what do you guys think of these firearms? Is the DW Cbob hard to control in 10mm? can you recommend any other 10mm 1911s? Thank you very much,
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