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  1. LOL. Cool. I talked to him and his gas port is standard rifle length size of .9375". I'll get him squared away for sure.
  2. Greg, I wasn't being a smart ass, I was confused at first because the way it was written it seemed like his gas port hole was 0.075" and I would believe a rifle length gas system would come with more like a .9375" gas port hole. You were the guy who kept me on the right track on getting my 20" to cycle properly when many other people were telling me not to mess with the gas port dimension. I've just been sharing with him everything I've learned since this original post as far as my opinion that the rifle and Vltor A5 buffer systems are better than the carbine system.
  3. Greg, His 075 measurement was actually meaning that he had a .750" diameter gas block. I'm not sure his gas port size yet.
  4. Atleast if you go that route you will have a buffer system that is supposed to be used with your gas system length. For about $110 you can get the Vltor A5 buffer tube, spring and buffer kit and can reuse your stock. The Vltor will be adjustable for stock length and buffer weight (even though you most likely won't need a different weight buffer than what it comes with). Are you certain of the size of your gas port hole? Hit me up with a PM and I can give you a couple tricks you can do on top of the buffer system change
  5. A 223 Wylde barrel can shoot both 223 and 5.56. The first thing I'd recomend doing is getting either a "rifle" length buffer system and stock or upgrade to the Vltor A5 buffer system. Rifle length gas systems are designed to be used with rifle (or Vltor A5) buffer systems. You might be shocked and find that if you just make this change your upper could very likely function without touching the gas port. 18" rifle length gas systems can be a little tricky just like a 14.5" midlength can be. You can use pretty much any Mil-Spec stock on the Vltor A5 tube, you don't have to use their $250 stock setup LOL
  6. joep, Is your gas system a midlength or rifle length? What type of buffer tube are you using? Carbine, Rifle, Vltor? Answer these for me and I can give you some answers to help you out. Don't drill anything yet, there is a huge difference between 0.075" and 7/64" You also don't want the final hole to be drilled with a drill bit there are special tools needed to do it cleanly. Not expensive or hard but it has to be done right
  7. To give my two piston AR's a fair comparison i would have to shoot them side by side on my lowers that have the Vltor A5 buffer system. Right now the Adams is on a carbine buffer tube. I'm still pretty certain my Ruger piston upper will recoil softer than my Adams piston upper since the Ruger is rifle length and the Adams is mid length.
  8. Lol. I don't know how they were in the beginning but my Ruger recoils like a baby and it doesn't even have a muzzle device. I also have an Adams Arms 16" piston upper and that absolutely recoils harder than my ruger, but it is a mid length gas piston. I do believe they have a newer gas regulator that has 5 settings instead of 3.
  9. Thanks Greg. With the Vltor buffer system it's quite smooth to shoot, especially on gas setting 1 and 2. On setting 3 it is absolutely way overgassed for the ammo i use.
  10. Greg, My ruger SR556 is a 16" bull barrel with rifle length gas. With the Vltor a5 buffer system i couldn't get it to malfunction on any gas setting with 5 different types and grains of ammo. How does Ruger do it? Do they user giant gas ports since they have a proprietary piston system? Thanks
  11. If i remember correctly the hole in the gas block is between 1/8" and 9/64" which would equal .125" and .140" respectively. I don't know if there's a need for a gas port that big but i am by far no expert on this topic. Maybe gsl will respond.
  12. I got the rifle out to the range today. The gas block has 4 1/2 turns of adjustment in it. I started with the lowest pressure ammo i would ever use in the rifle and i started with the gas block 1 turn out. I put one round in the mag and adjusted the gas block out in 1/2 turn increments. At 3 turns out it locked the slide back. I loaded 5 rounds in the mag and it functioned perfectly and locked the slide back. I opened the gas block 1/2 turn more and ran full 15rd mags through it with 5 or 6 different types of ammo from 55g to 77g. Complete success. No hiccups all day. I even purposely left the bolt dry to try and induce a malfunction.
  13. I clamped my upper in the x-y vise and drilled the hole in 3 steps. 3-32" (.0935") drill bit, #41 (.0960") reamer, and last with a #40 (.0980") reamer. The hole came out beautiful with not even a remote burr on the inside of the barrel. I am trying to get it to the range this coming weekend so i can give you a function report
  14. I have become a huge fan of the Vltor A5 buffer set up. From what I've gathered it gives you the reliability of the rifle buttstock system with the adjustments of length and buffer weights of the carbine buttstock system. One person said they tested it on all different barrel lengths with all different gas system lengths and it performed flawlessly with the stock buffer that comes with it in the kit. I'm pretty new to this platform but I've seen what it did to my rifle that I described in the first post of this thread. With a standard carbine buffer and tube, this rifle would not function with any of the ammo listed in the post. It would short stroke every couple shots and never lock the bolt on the last shot. I switched to the Vltor A5 buffer system and if functioned damn near perfectly. It made an impression on me since this gun is undergassed slightly (soon to be corrected) LOL. I also put the Vltor A5 system on my Ruger SR556E which is a 16" bull barrel with not muzzle device and a rifle length gas system. The rifle shot 4 different brands of ammo in 3 different bullet weights on all 3 gas settings without even coming close to having an issue and locked the bolt back every time. I'm sold on the Vltor A5
  15. Thanks Wenkel. Why would you be embarrassed about a .125 gas port hole. You have less dwell time than a 20 so it makes sense it could need a bigger port
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