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  1. Been so busy with work I havn't been on in a long time. Someone has or had an ermine/short tailed weasel as their avatar on the armory. Been looking around for a good image of an ermine for a tattoo and can't get that one out of my head or find one that even compares. Granted I havn't seen it in a long time, but I remember the drawing being sweet. If the guy would let me and it's private property I would be happy to buy the rights to use it. Any help would be great and very much appreciated. I'll be out in the bush for the next 23 days, but am hoping that when I get back I have some leads. AKMAN
  2. It would be an 18 inch barrel. Does that change anything? And I didn't mean that the gas tube was contracting, but the gas itself. Without liquid nitrogen I don't believe one could shrink the gas tube enough to make any differance whatsoever. But a hot gas coming (powder burning and all) out of a port and contacting a metel (a great conductor) gas tube @ 0 degrees and below, would cause the gas to contract (it would have a greater weight per unit volume), reducing the volume in the gas tube, thus requiring.......more gas. Just for another example (except in my favor), running turbo cars (any of them, but my experience is with 1.8L and 2.7L Audis) in Alaska is great. When it gets cold and the air is more dense, one can acheive an easy 10% (thats a math figure using a relative horsepower calculator, not a dyno figure) horsepower increase at say -20 compared to 60 degrees (all other factors being equal). And thats damn near a half a second in a 1/4 mile (or 30 free flywheel horsepower). So while they don't really compare, I'm going to assume 10% less hot sauce coming my direction in the gas tube. Can I just enlarge the gas port by 10%? AKMAN (Damn I use a lot of parentheses) (Did you know parenthasis make parenthases?)(sorry)
  3. I'd like to hear your report on that. I've all but debunked (is that the right word) the frozen ammo theory. I've had ammo in a sled when it was below zero for almost 10 days. It worked just fine and still does. I guess I'm just going to pull the trigger on the rifle length gas system and sort out any problems that arise (I like how it's late for us, and damn near morning for everyone else!) AKMAN
  4. I am in the shopping stage of builing an upper (some parts in hand), and the barrel I want is drilled for a rifle length gas tube. They make it in a mid, but I really wanted the rifle length for maximum fluting area under the handguard. This was all fine until I read that rifle length gas systems can be unreliable in cold weather. Any truth to this? And if so what is the culprit. I havn't been able to find any solutions online. I imagine it can only be one of two things. The powder is not stable at "extreme" temps. Which could equate to what, 200 fps max variation (I'm not going to try to find the pressure)? Or the gas hitting a cold tube is contracting, reducing the volume enough to short stroke the bolt. If it's a powder issue (I'm hoping, but doubtful) it's a non-issue (I use lots of Varget and TAC). If its a volume issue, I can enlarge the gas port, right? (Then maybe an adjustable gas tube or block) I know I "should" just get the mid-length, but that would be the easy way. And when was the last time I did that? I guess I should remind those that don't already know, I'm in Alaska and my temps can range from about 80 degrees to about -40. Last trip out for coyotes was -32. And that's not celsius. It can get colder, but -32 was the coldest I've ever hunted in, and I went hungry all day. My entire lunch was too frozen to eat and I wasn't thrilled about a -32 degree tuna melt in my shirt. So -40 below is all I'll do and all I ask of a rifle. (ruger m77 mkIIs do just fine) Any help will sure be appreciated. I was all excited about this new upper, when I heard this stuff. And its almost cold season...... AKMAN
  5. This might do good things for the caliber. Looks like a nice load. AKMAN
  6. I don't base my caliber selection on unrealistic "SHTF" scenarios. It would all be impossible to get unless you steal it. You think it's hard to get .40 ammo? Try something real hard to get like .41 mag, 38-40, or my pet .40 Super. But they are all great calibers and they are great to shoot. "SHTF"? Maybe if I tie them together like a bolas...... any zombie llamas out there? AKMAN .......but it's nice to come home to a warm thread.
  7. This is pretty much what I asked santa for. Their doing a TAC-TX in 100 as well. Not that I have a ton of use for that, but this seems like Barnes may be reading the emails they get and glassing the forum chatter. Merry Christmas to me. AKMAN
  8. +1 on the RCBS chargemaster combo. Until you run a progressive reloader (even if you do for some stuff) , it is the greatest thing since reloading. Very accurate and quick. Worth every penny. I too felt like an idiot for not having one a long time ago after I tried it. AKMAN
  9. I am going to have LBT make a mould that's similar to the Double tap 230, unless I can figure out who makes their mould. I imagined they didn't get that one off the shelf. My needs for the 230 require them feeding in an autoloader, so yours is ou for me, but nice work. Nice to see people trying out new things. AKMAN
  10. I'm not sure which "fat" you mean. Have you tried a G29SF? I have smallish hands, and it works great. Could be a wee bit smaller, but it works. If the slide is too wide, custom's your only option. Or you could do-it-yourself custom, and get an ACP commander and rebuild it. AKMAN
  11. Patrice- I guess I am confused by your last comment. But your all-too-allowed your opinion. Funny place to voice it though. I did think about just running stock, but I have some bear loads that are heavy on the hot sauce. In a stock 20, brass is pretty much unrecoverable by yourself on anything but a hard and flat surface. It goes between 24-28 feet. Havn't ran them through a 29, but since I only shoot these during development, the wear and tear isn't going to have a chance to break anything. AKMAN
  12. Who here is running heavy springs in their G29? Who makes yours? AKMAN
  13. How long ago was it that you found this out? And your fixing it how many months after the fact? No reponse needed. uh-ha..... AKMAN
  14. Winchester Ranger T. Guess what the "T" stands for? You won't find it at walmart but some LE distributors will sell to the public. And they don't make a 10mm. AKMAN
  15. As an owner of a new Delta, and a Colt fan, I may be biased, but there are no "flaws" that I can see. I've said it before, but my only beef is that I thought I was buying and paid for (almost $1200) an "XSE" model. That was no one but a lying distributor's fault. Since there are rumors of an XSE Delta out after the base delta run, I will wait to mod mine. I like dovetailed sights, and the trigger is plastic, but other than that, I will pay a bit more to have to have the pony any day. I wasn't around then, but didn't dan wesson have their fair share of detractors pre-CZ? I heard that they had some funny QC. AKMAN
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