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  1. LOL yes 800x rocks. I have witnessed what the Sierra's do to all sorts of objects. Milk jugs are impressive and the bullet definitely blows itself to pieces! I'd even say a bit too much which is why I ask. I notice the Nosler is $10 a box more.
  2. Which is tougher? Looking to purchase a bunch. The Sierras come out of a 6" barrel at nearly 1900 fps with 800x. I am sure both will blow apart at that speed when they hit something, but I'd like to know which you all think hold together best. Thanks for any input.
  3. I have gone as high as 11.5 grains of Blue Dot behind a MG 180 JHP. There was very little gain in velocity past 10.9. No signs of overpressure but I really don't recommend going that high. PS Here is my 800X data.... 800X 180gr. Sierra JHP 8.5gr → 1,181fps 9.3gr → 1,239fps 10.2gr → 1,311fps
  4. I can attest to that, I was wondering why I didn't get near the published (Accurate) velocity with AA9. I switched to Hornady's manual and presto I was getting proper numbers. Hornady's loads were nearly a full grain higher too! As soon as I switched to a keg with a different lot number my speeds went down again and I had to adjust once more.
  5. The JHPs were doing about 1250 average which is consistent with the Speer data I used to develop the load. I haven't chronoed the FMJ as I wanted some advice first:). Yes handloading is very fun, but stressful too when you think you made a mistake!
  6. Hi I am running a Glock 20 with a 22lbs spring and LW barrel. I just recently made up a bunch of ammo with the following spec 11gr Bluedot 1F mixed cases (Fed,Win,ST) 180 Montana Gold FMJ CCI 300 1.250" COAL That combo proved to work well when i used Montana Gold's 180 JHP. Is it safe to substitute bullets like that? Speer lists 11gr as a max load for their JHP and CMJ bullets, though I have gone much higher in my braver days. The FMJs appear to be a bit shorter I figure pressure would drop if anything. Comments/suggestions?
  7. I have a semi-related question. I put a bit too much TC on some 10mm auto rounds. They stick in the chamber enough to stay if I gently tip the barrel upside down. Is that dangerous? It's a very light load.
  8. I'd have to say I may have gotten a little trigger happy at some points . Your suggestion about switching springs is just what I was thinking.
  9. I am using RCBS carbide dies. I am going to just shoot this stuff. If this were even a warm load I would worry but it is the minimum in Speer's manual. I put a heavy taper crimp on them though, are there any issues with that?
  10. Just to clarify, my bullets do not move freely. If I press down with my thumb with very significant pressure I can make it move up to a few thou. Cycling the rounds through my gun cause them to shrink a bit as well. If proper COL is 1.25 running them through once will shorten it to 1.246 then 1.242. The numbers vary and many don't budge. They don't seem to shrink after that though it must raise pressure needlessly. Can too much taper crimp be bad? I hear it doesn't help accuracy but anything else to worry about?
  11. After about 350 heavy and 450 light 10mm rounds through my Glock 20 my 22lbs spring appears to only have 19.5lbs of resistance left. Is that normal? ISMI, my new one reads 22.5lbs consistently while the other reads 19.5. I expected them to last longer....
  12. I forgot about this one. I ended up just using a heavy taper crimp to hold the bastiages in place. I'd say 50% of the set back somewhat. I am using RCBS Carbide dies. Doing everything as my manual instructs but reloads move up to .055" when cycled through the gun. I think the problem is the fact most of the cases were subjected to a very heavy load. Would over max loads possibly stretch the brass out? 11.2 grains\180jhp of blue dot was getting me about 1350 fps out of my souped up G20. Primer tension is fine I have only chucked one brass out with the oldest batch of brass. I have since adopted a policy of sticking to the manuals... Currently on the 5th reload with the old stuff. I am still left with this same problem though!
  13. I have an RCBS kinetic puller. It has been used many, many times. Looking at a collet puller though to speed things up. I am resizing the brass, running it through a carbide die. The brass has seen 2 hot loads and a min load before this loading.
  14. I am just going to pull them and start over. Thanks for the advice.
  15. Definitely the right brass. 4f Win\Fed. I put a light taper crimp on it. Should I try more? I am fairly new to reloading.
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