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  1. That won't work but a Mini-14 in 6.8 SPC can be rebarrelled and chambered in 10mm Magnum.
  2. Not a chance of this working, sorry. That's why the AutoMag IV was made for the 10mm Mag. Completely different pistol with a longer grip frame, etc.
  3. on www.ar15barrels.com there are two cartridges called the .30 Tactical Herrett and .357 Auto you should look at. The .30 TH is based on the .30 Remington/6.8 SPC case and the .357 Auto is based on the 10mm Mag case. The .338 Spectre is also based on the 10mm Mag.
  4. Does anyone make/sell actual 10mm Magnum dies? I know the case can be loaded using regular 10mm dies, but I'm looking at wildcatting a rimmed 10mm Mag similar to the old Herter's PowerMag. I want to use the die to full-length size the cut-down .375 Winchester case. I know this has probably been done before, but I can't find any info on it.
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