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  1. I too picked up a SA "Omega Match" , musta been in the 1995 time frame. I was a dealer at the time, new in the box. My first 10mm. have shot it a few times, now relegated to safe queen / collector, parts not available if something breaks. Bought a Kimber Target II off this Forum in 2009, happy with that, heard mention that SA took Omega in from fella, and traded him a 'Trophy Match" straight across? I believe I might do something like that and have a shooter instead of a "Queen" hanging around
  2. I just purchased a FA, from Bambihunter Rating is A+ Very nice and honest person to deal with, you will not be disappointed Travis Bickle
  3. New member, here, came in with the 10mm crowd, live near Camp Pendleton
  4. According to latest DOJ list Kimber Target II is good till Oct 2009 I need to confirm and get FFL from dealer, wll do that monday tuesday, thats why I said I would know by wednesday Yeah doing anything here is just more difficult than it needs to be, becauseI'm being infringed with respect to firearms..second admendment says Hand off So I will be busy Monday getting info and FFL copy what is best way to pay? there should be inspection period..a few days, your in OK I'm CA UPS or FedEX should handle shipping...what do the others use? Looks like Christmas might come Early Still want the S&W but gotta strike while the iron is hot....this things there, rready and NIB, plus Kimber is a very well made piece, plus You really liked yours good enough for me
  5. ok my good friend...I'll bite $950 delivered The Kimber is allowed in California, I'll still have to pony up extra $100 minimum for transfer. Calif dealers are bleeders...............I was hoping on the Smith, but Its gonna be slim pickins there Appreciate your time I have a few other deals brewing, should know by wednesday I'll get back by then TB
  6. I'm looking, and there it is, unfortunately in California the only 1006 I can legally purchase has to come from this state. This is so silly You have just what I'm looking for, but I'm shafted by the regulations Thanks for letting me look TB
  7. Hello, unfortunately I am restricted to purchase of a California gun only, being that the only S&W 1006 legaly able to transfer are those already here, no imports...as I understand it. So here her I am...looking for a nice 1006 for sale, I live in the south land, Vista CA If any one has a nice piece and wishes to rid themselves of it please contact me. This is a real shame, as this DOJ rule puts me at a 49:1 ratio disadvantage Note: to increase my chances I will also consider 1911 types.....what ya got?
  8. I heard the same thing, Colt bringing back by popular demand the 10mm Delta Elite, I've also mentioned to SA that their new XD should be chambered in the 10mm actually they wrote me back and told me the following: 1) Concerning the XD in .45ACP, technicaly it is possible to rechamber the XD .45ACP to .460 Rowland, would likely need to trial and error recoil spring to function properly though the facory would never perform this modification...I sure would though ...on my own gun 2) Concerning the XD in SW .40...no way Jose, would they recommend rechamber the .40 to 10mm I think that SA would see a large amount of sales if they offered 10mm in my opinion
  9. Fantastic conclusion, and about time, though if they are set on a .45 caliber may I suggest the .460 Rowland? otherwise they may wish to consider the 10mm auto
  10. Welcome, as I'm new my self, Like your choice of pistol, I'm leaning toward the 1006 my self
  11. Hello Johnny, new myself, Vista Ca, near Oceanside here, was in Watts the last 3 weeks on a job, sure needed a 10mm there!
  12. Likely no legal basis, for disallow of carry, just the store owner preference. At your own risk as always, and or consult an attorney
  13. This almost seems if this point is moot, by that I mean in defense of you and yours I do not believe you can qualify degrees. That is why Jury Duty is so very important. When called to serve on Jury Duty, you as a juror can prevent a miscarriage of justice, one in which ..the defender used too big of a stick to swat the invader....in my opinion. But as the progression of the society is tweaked by those in positions to tweak, we are seeing degrees being applied, with most severe consequences. Look to the fellow in UK who shot the burglar with a unregistered shotgun and has received life in prison.
  14. I've been thinkin the same idea, have considered the m1 carbine platform, and the ruger 45ACP carbine, reworked of course but it is an idea
  15. That Wilson sure is a sweet piece, but Ouch...$3000, hurts me too much, ..oh maybe one day.
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