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  1. I use 175 grain Winchester Silvertips all year. Best accuracy and stopping power that I have found in my Delta Elite Ultra.
  2. I just saw this in an earlier post. http://www.threatsolutions.com/IWBindex.html Give it a try.
  3. Try Hoosier Gun Works at the link below. They show 3 factory new available in 10 round 10mm at $28.00 each. However, they don't do internet sales (you have to call them) and don't update their available listings more often than every 8-10 days. They are great to deal with. http://www.hoosiergunworks.com/catalog/magazine_pistol.html Good luck.
  4. I find it very interesting that the military has been (and may still be) looking for a replacement for the standard sidearm. Many ititially thought that a big mistake was being made when the .45 ACP was replaced with the 9mm. All the old arguments were given from both sides before the decision: light bullet weight and increased velocity equals increased knockdown power vs. heavy bullet and slow speed equals increased knockdown power, etc. However, after 20+ years of 9mm use, it is refreshing to see the efforts currently being made to return to the .45 ACP. And we shooters, fans of the pistol, seem to be the true recipients of the constant flow of improvements from the firearms industry. I have owned and used the older models of 1911s (military and civilian), Beretta (M92), Sig (220 et al), H&K (Mark 23, Elite, and USP), S&W (SW40F Sigma and 4006) for many years. Some I still own and carry. A few years ago, when the military began to look for a new weapon the intensified efforts by members of the firearms industry resulted in temendous improvements in the civilian pistols that we love and continually seem to acquire. Those efforts by the military, in the Joint Combat Pistol and Combat Pistol programs, were great. Although both programs were canceled before any decisions were made concerning the actual selection of a pistol, the results are evident in the weapons now available for civilians and law enforcement. Examples include the vast expansion of the "black guns" in the lines of Sig, Springfield, S&W, and Glock, and the development of new model such as the H&K 45 and 45 Compact. Now all that is missing is consideration of the 10mm caliber. Maybe some day ...
  5. I have used it in the past. It's a good inexpensive (relatively) way to practice. I am sure that there is other target ammunition out there, but the American Eagle seems to be readily available ... at least it is at my gun club.
  6. I currently live in Ohio but the Ohio laws still are not the best concerning concealed carry. One that I do not like deals with the maintenance of the computer system that indicates that you have a permit if a license check is conducted on you. Because of that I maintain both my Texas and Utah CCL permits. That combination allows me to travel in many, many states and, most importantly, allows carry in Ohio (without it showing up during a license check). Utah is well worth it. :biggrin:
  7. I have used Kirkpatrick leather products for many years and always been totally satisfied with them. Several of my holsters were custom made and several are stock. All are of the highest quality. I highly recommend them.
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