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  1. Oh I agree, nice guns are worth their weight in gold when it comes time to apply paint. I have a couple Sata's from when I used to paint and a really nice Badger airbrush I use for Cerakote, then an old junker Badger that I use for Duracoat on small stuff. Duracoat's just a PITA to clean up and if I miss something and fubar the cheap gun, it's no big loss. I use my small Sata for big Duracoat jobs and can get the fan down to 1 1/2" with about the same amount of overspray as my airbrush, which is next to none. My big Sata hasn't been touched in a couple years, but it has turned out some beautiful jobs when it was in use.
  2. Oh jeebus. Go over it with some 220 aluminum oxide, then be prepared to put on a couple coats of your finish and sand it between coats. Some people shouldn't be allowed around a firearm with any kind of tools.
  3. For small stuff like that, a nice airbrush works better in my opinion. There's just too much wasted material with the touch-up guns and they're hard to get the flow down low enough to really get in the tight areas without worrying about material build-up. For larger projects though, a good detail gun with a 4oz cup comes in handy.
  4. Just run them up in the die far enough to make sure the necks are round, and chamfer the mouth. Norma brass will not need anything else on the first loading.
  5. Got one with 168K on it and it doesn't make a sound........
  6. 178's or lighter for a 1/12 twist or faster, which it isn't common to find a 308 with a twist slower than that. One of these days I'm going to scratch this itch and have a 30 cal 1/10 twist Bartlein spun up and play with some 208's and R17. What wind?
  7. Hornady Amax's have long been a favorite of mine for accuracy work. They've always shot as good or better than the Sierra MK's for me and cost less to boot. For hunting, it's the Nosler Partition line. Expensive, yes, but they've never let me down.
  8. Well barrels are expendable, you know. I don't shoot benchrest, nor do I plan to, so I stop short of weight sorting brass. I've found much more benefit to my consistency by uniforming primer pockets, deburring flash holes, and annealing the neck/shoulder of my brass than I did trying to weight sort my larger capacity cases. Now 223, 6x45, and a few others benefit from the weight sorting, IMHO, because of the reduced case capacity compared to 308 for instance. Small changes can make big shifts in the load when you're dealing with smaller cases, but a good OCW load will still shoot pretty good without all the attention benchresters give their brass.
  9. Yep, it'll get you close enough for an educated guesstimate. You could always load up an 80gr Berger and see if it's a 1/7 or not
  10. It is, and no. They will physically remove your CCW permit from you if you're convicted of anything that calls for it to be revoked. The state comes after that tooth and nail, they WILL have it out of your possession. What I was referring to was the purchase permits. There's no way to track them, the local Sheriff has no idea if they've been used or not, and the permit holder has the only copy until they give it to the FFL when they make a purchase. Yet the NCSA insists that using only NICS for a background check will let more handguns into criminals hands. The NCSA saw the millions in lost revenue from the purchase permit system going away and freaked the f*** out. I think NC is only one of two or maybe three states that don't use NICS for handgun purchases, every other state does.
  11. It's inked from what I understand, Governor McCrory signed it today. cc is correct, they yanked the purchase permit amendment from the bill under pressure from the NCSA. They saw that $5 per permit fee going away and started crying about anything other than the real reason they didn't want them going away. It's an old, BS law that does NOTHING to help with keeping criminals from buying a gun but that was their #1 gripe. In 5 years, which is how long the permits are good for, one could: Get the Purchase Permit Commit a low-level felony Pull 4 years in the pen Walk into an FFL the next day after release and use said permit to buy a handgun OR a long gun without a call to the ATF. NC doesn't require a call to the ATF if you're using a CCW or purchase permit, even if you use the purchase permit for a long gun purchase (which isn't required) Tell me how that system is keeping guns out of the hands of a felon............
  12. Start shooting high BC projectiles at small targets 600+ yards away in 10-20mph winds and you'll see why. More speed = less time of flight = less wind drift. If I can cut an extra .1-.2 mils off of my wind drift at extended range, I'll give up .1" in group size to get it. For plinking/blasting ammo though I agree that it's needless.
  13. Lived in the basement, did 20+ years in the Federal Penitentiary System, distributed controlled substances to known felons..................
  14. Ray.........Harbor Freight sells ultrasonic tumblers cheap. I bought a big one that would handle your can for less than $60. Fill it with vinegar, toss the can in for 30-45 minutes after a range trip, done. Also, there's a company that can make your can "user serviceable" but I can't recall the name of it. They basically cut the end off and replace it with a threaded piece that's removable, allowing you to slide the baffle stack out and clean it as well as the inside of the tube.
  15. P-A-S-S-E-D!! Now we wait to see if our Governor will veto it, sign it, or let it go into law without his signature. McCrory never has had much of a spine, so let's see who he bows to; the ones who put his ass in office or the ones who are whining about this bill.
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