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  1. Shouldn't say this but I'm in Cleveland!!!!! Go Cavs!!!! I also hate Columbus!!!
  2. As long as you supply the chips and dip!!!
  3. It's more like, "You see when you let Texans out of Texas?"
  4. So your previous post is a bunch of B.S. then?
  5. Riding a motorcycle on the berm to avoid a big traffic jam? Now blocking with a car could be considered deadly force so the biker gets to shoot the idiot in the car. So by your description it would be a justifiable shoot. Cool!!!!
  6. Road rage is not a justifiable offense to use deadly force, you do know that, right?? That will get you in the grey bar motel really fast.
  7. Flipping a guy off and brake checking is one thing and if you get your @ss beat for it, well you had it coming. But sneaking around a bunch of cars stopped on the highway isn't justification for a @ss beating. Never has been and never will. I
  8. Class move there sport. Karma, you got some coming.
  9. I've been riding motorcycles for a little or 40 years. And I currently still ride. Harleys Sport Bikes Sport Touring bikes. And my Triumph Bonneville T-100.
  10. You can call it that, I rather would call it stupid. They are getting out of the way.
  11. But he may still think that way. That is the scary part, kicking a guys teeth in just because he got around you in stopped traffic and kept on moving down the road.
  12. I really hate that name, it's supposed to be "Sport Bike". So instead of getting by on the side of the road you would rather sit in traffic???
  13. I do that all the time. If one cycle of the light goes and it didn't turn green for me, when it's clear I go right thru it.
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