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  1. THE INVASION HAS BEGUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. * I've kind of narrowed my manufacturer search down to the following companies, based on price only: Olympic Arms, Rock River Arms, Stag Arms, Vulcan Armament Inc, DPMS Panther Arms, and Del-Ton Inc. What about Charles Daly?
  3. Try this site: http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/lib...policy/army/fm/
  4. New Eotech 516.A65 on the way with 3x magnifier (flip to the side). Anyone using this combo?
  5. I can't believe it! You just wasted an hour of my day reading that crap. Thanks for the great laughs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Good Morning!! Or is it? Another winter storm warning in Juneau today...great
  7. Pulled the lever.....a BIG FAT NO!
  8. I'm gonna guess you had a bad day today. If I get pissed at my wife (rarely 'cause she's damn near perfect...) I excuse myself from the situation LONG before I can get that angry. I don't think I could hit a woman unless I felt my life was in danger.....and with my wife, that is a possibility! I gotta go now....she wants a foot rub....
  9. Let me get this straight. You get a yote with a bow, and your wife gives you a full body mount?!? Granted, I've been married for 20+ years, but I have to buy a NICE dinner and a piece of expensive jewelry for a full body mount! Good for you!
  10. I believe the security is adequate for todays event....BUT, what will it be when Obama makes major cuts to Homeland Security? Or when he reels the forces back in that are at the front line of our terrorist prevention efforts? We've dodged the bullet for seven plus years now, thanks to our departing administration; but I fear "they" have been poised for this opportunity... looking forward to the fresh faced, inexperienced liberal to lower our guard. I truly hope he has enough in-house opposition or guidance to stop him from putting us right back in the crosshairs.
  11. Two words: GOOGLE IT! I've repaired many a mystery using that fine tool. Punch in "troubleshoot make/model overflow" or something similar. Might surprise you....Good Luck!
  12. If coming to SE, remember that Juneau is called "little San Francisco"....and not soley because of the liberal attitudes. What are you looking to do up here? Maybe I can give some opinions on where to land, depending on what your looking for. It is the most beautiful country on the planet, IMO, but the constant bad weather here in the capitol city has us hungry for warmth and brightness. Thanks for your input on OUR relocation, and the offer to assist. T
  13. We've wanted to move for a long time now. We only stayed so the kid could have a stable and consistent schooling here. Now that she is doing the college thing, we have the opportunity to go experience some other parts of our country. We had originally looked at the Bellingham area, but when we brought her to OSU, we thought the place was beautiful, and wanted to spend a few years there (it also cuts her tuition down quite a bit once we are residents). We will then end up in Washington State somewhere near the water.... Staying here is not an option. The only thing in larger quantity than our liberals, is RAIN, RAIN AND MORE RAIN! We need to come on down and dry out for a while..... As for letting the kids go....I'll keep her as close as possible as long as she wants us near. The day is gonna come all too soon that she wants her distance, I don't need to rush it.
  14. Good Monday Morning to you all. Off to work!
  15. Now I just have to convince the Mrs. to loosen the stranglehold on the bank account!
  16. Wow! My kind of people! We haven't decided on exactly where we are going to live, but I will be checking out the Real Estate listings in Estecada!
  17. Great tip! Just the stuff I'm looking for. Thanks! T
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