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  1. Born 1964 Ketchikan, Alaska Don't forget the "Monkees". It took a long time to get TV up here, but when we did, they were one of the few programs I remember. Had an older brother who joined the fan club, and still get $10.00 a week out of him to keep quiet......
  2. Sent you a PM a few minutes ago to say thanks! Really appreciate the tip, and now have something to put under the tree for myself!
  3. D-M4LE Carbine....previous post is the Item Number at Charles Daly....
  4. I was given a tip that a few were going to be available this week...I sent a PM and got in line. Th dealer says I can have one, but I wanted to get a few opinions on the rifle... Appreciate any input.
  5. 6 degrees and supposed to blow 60. Time to move to Hawaii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Followed the link, but it said the gun was sold. Going fast, aren't they!??!!?? Really appreciate the suggestion though..... http://i470.photobucket.com/albums/rr65/Al...29/DSC00411.jpg
  7. I think I screwed up the post. This isn't my lab. This is my neighbor's.......he was shi**ing in my yard approximately 200 yards from my front deck. New AR was sighted in by previous owner, but seems to be OK. Dog is on kitchen floor cause ground is currently frozen up here in Juneau Alaska......
  8. Thanks TS. Your input is always appreciated!
  9. Think I posted it in the right area....thanks for the link!
  10. Not sure where to post entry..... http://i470.photobucket.com/albums/rr65/Al.../DSC00410-1.jpg "Santa Surrenders"
  11. Is this the spot to submit for the Xmas photo contest? Thought i'd include "Santa Surrenders". http://i470.photobucket.com/albums/rr65/Al.../DSC00410-1.jpg
  12. Nope. Don't know where to go to post in the contest....
  13. http://i470.photobucket.com/albums/rr65/Al.../DSC00410-1.jpg
  14. I've been searching the internet, and visited this sites sponsors, trying to find a decent quality AR i can buy. Any reccomendations on what to buy, who to buy from, etc? Seems like most sites I've visited have a 6 to 8 mos. wait.... I would also like to consider optics and a light......keeping it under $ 2,000 is preferrable. Thanks for your input.
  15. Good to know. I have a Hesse lower, and am trying to decide if I should return the gun based on the Hesse reputation, or if the colt upper "redeems" the overall quality. I intend to buy a new AR soon, but the wait seems pretty long.....thought I might keep this one so that I don't have to go through 6 - 8 mos withdrawal...
  16. Thanks for the input. Capco/Martin Marietta a decent make? I can't find much of anything about them online.
  17. New to this....i'll try again: MP on barrel C on barrel P M stamp Symbol stamp Hope this works!
  18. The lower is stamped, but I'm not sure who made my upper? If anyone recognizes the stamps I've included in the pics, please give me a clue!?!? This is an "MP" on the barrel below the forward sight. The M and the P overlap, making the last "leg" of the M part of the P (just in case the photo isn't clear) a "C" at the front of the barrel..... "P M" stamped on the handle Stamp on bolt assembly. I couldn't find markings anywhere else on the upper....
  19. Here a some of the stamps on the upper......
  20. i have photos I could attach, but can't figure out how to attach them!
  21. I did a little research and found that the markings on the handle (P M) are for Capco/Martin Marietta. Any idea of the quality of this upper?
  22. I pulled the carrier and found no markings on it or in the housing. I also pulled the hand guard from the barrel and found no additional markings. Any other ideas of where i could look to verify the manufacturer?
  23. There is a C near the tip of the barrel.
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