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  1. Thats my next question. The dealer thought it might be colt. As it was used, he wasn't certain, but said another guy at the shop should know (he wasn't in). I was just cleaning the upper and looked for any stamps or other ID, but couldn't find anything after a short inspection. Should there be an identifier on the upper somewhere? If so, where could I find it? Thanks again to everyone for the input and help......
  2. I went back to the shop today to voice my concern. They said they would happily take it back, but did say that only the lower was Hesse. He said to take it to the range a few times and he would still take it back if I was uncomfortable. Made a quick trip and shot off twenty rounds....felt fine and the sights were dialed in pretty well by the previous owner. I appreciate the responses I've been getting, and will keep checking back for more input before returning it.
  3. Brand new to AR ownership. I live in a small community, and haven't seen many available locally. Well, I was in a shop today and spotted a Hesse AR-15A2 that was within my budget. Foolishly, I bought before I did any research. I literally bought this a few hours ago, and have yet to get to the range, but have found countless bad reveiws about Hesse/Vulcan online. Are there specific vulnerable parts that are replaceable to make this a decent AR? Or do I consider this a lesson learned and upgrade later? Appreciate any input!
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