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  1. once i get some $$$ i'd like to get some s4. not keen on a can but who knows.
  2. the barrel is threaded into the upper. different lengths are becoming available but no caliber change yet as it was designed to use the ps90 5.7x28 magazines. but if you have an ar the upper swap is done in seconds. check out www.57center.com for info on the upper and www.eliteammunition.com for some great rounds for the platform. a site has the new eotech on pre-order for almost 500.00! check out the sig optic. it is almost identical to the aimpoint at about a third of the price.
  3. here is a pic to a new eotech introduced at the shot show tailor made for the short rail (shamelessly lifted from an ar15.com post):
  4. where are all my fellow ar57 owners? old pic of mine, not updated with the new mods yet. discuss, pros, cons, configs, etc.
  5. my 5.7x28 ar variant: happy new years!
  6. i bought mine because i wanted something different from the standard ar. plus since it is an upper, i can switch it out and use my lower for different calibers. fn developed the round initially as an armor defeating, minimal penetration, tumbling round. the media hysteria over the 'cop killer' round has died down some. the non-restricted rounds are marketed as varmint rounds. the bullet is .224 in a smaller case than the 5.56, actual designation is 5.7x28mm. light weight, most rounds are 32 to 40gr, traveling out of the rifle about 2400 fps. these uppers are a cheaper alternative to buying fn's ps90. they are a simple blowback design so there is no gas tube to foul up and hamper reliability and a lot easier to clean than a standard ar. the recoil is very minimal and the upper is very accurate. the rounds are kind of expensive to me, cheapest box of 50 i find local is 22.00. but 50 rounds in one mag is lots of fun. elite ammunition has developed new loadings for the caliber, check out www.eliteammunition.com for details. the website that sells the uppers direct is www.57center.com, price is 695.00. here's how mine looks at present:
  7. i like mine. first ar platform i built. aero precision lower, dpms parts kit, magpul trigger guard, stag mil-spec buffer tube, colt 6 pos stock: nice fit to the ar57 upper. they are supposed to be supplying the matching ar57 lower when 57center.com starts to sell complete ar57 rifles.
  8. it is great! the cartridge has very low recoil, it feels like shooting a .22. very accurate, a buddy and i were shooting 2" groups offhand at 25yds with the crappy gun show optic. the 5.7x28 shows great promise and i wanted something different from the standard ar. ballistically it comes in similar to a 9mm carbine (was originally developed by fn as a pdw, the p90/ps90 and fiveseven pistol, that can defeat body armor) but loadings by elite ammunition are bringing it in line with .223/5.56. they have a 32 grain bullet coming out the muzzle in the ps90 at about 2800fps. more info on the upper at www.57center.com. upper is 695.00 and will fit any standard ar lower. magazines have become expensive with the recent buying frenzy but it is the price you pay to have 50rds at the ready.
  9. thanks! been lurking for a while, wanted to have something to contribute before signing up.
  10. saw this post on the site and decided to do mine: closeup, need to clean it up a little around the big logo: used the testors enamel with the microbrushes. i swiped it on, let it set for a few minutes, then used thinner on a cloth to wipe the excess off.
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