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  1. Bansheex

    How is it possible???

    I'm on the list for some CCI Mini Mags. Looks like that won't happen any time soon. No Steel match this month
  2. Bansheex

    Light up your press

    Well I cant install neon lights due to no place to wire the lights. I did have a light similar to the one Alden showed, but it broke. This one seems to be a easy, and cheap alternative solution and it's light right where I need it.
  3. Bansheex

    Light up your press

    So I went to a gun show last weekend and I found something pretty cool. My reloading room is like a cave (dark) I found a lighting system for the press. Sorry for the crappy photo! This is pretty cool. It comes with a 110v transformer, or a battery pack. He makes them for a few different brands of presses. Just thought you guys might be interested. www.inlinefabrication.com
  4. Bansheex

    +1 for Pepper

    It was great to meet you and your wife. Very good transaction! Thank you sir!
  5. Bansheex

    Albany Gun & Sportsman Show March 2nd & 3rd

    Great turn out today. Some good deals, and some high prices to. Hope tomorrow's a good day.
  6. Bansheex

    Are SBR's and silencers legal in OR?

    As far as I know they are. I'm going back to work our local gun club's gun show tomorrow. I will double check.
  7. Linn County fair grounds 3700 Knox Butte Rd exit 234 off I5 5.00 entry Great show! Sponsored by Albany Rifle & Pistol Club
  8. Bansheex

    Stoger condor Shotguns ***SOLD***

    My wife hate's to see me selling them off.
  9. Bansheex

    Stoger condor Shotguns ***SOLD***

    Deal fell thru. Back up for sale, I would really like to sell as a pair. Shipping will be around 35.00 for both.
  10. Bansheex

    Stoger condor Shotguns ***SOLD***

    They are sold!
  11. Bansheex

    Stoger condor Shotguns ***SOLD***

    Apx. 500 rounds. Still nice and tight lockup.
  12. Bansheex

    Stoger condor Shotguns ***SOLD***

    I can get you a quote for shipping. They are our trap guns. Hate to sell, but the new house top's the list right now. I will need a zip code. Thanks
  13. Bansheex

    Stoger condor Shotguns ***SOLD***

    I have 2 Stoger 12ga Over/Under Shotguns up for sale. Both in great shape, no scratches or marks. 28in barrels, vented rib, 1 has a recoil pad. Interchangeable chokes. Great trap, or bird guns. Buying a home, and need cash! 500.00 for the pair. Price does not include FFL fees, or Shipping
  14. Bansheex

    Glock 17 or 19 9mm

    I have been tring to get on Glock's web site to compair, but I'm not able to connect. So is the frame smaller on the 19? I just got connected, so the 19 is smaller. I normally carry my 1911 Combat Commander ISWB, so I don't think the 17 would be much different size wise would it?