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  1. Shadow, depth was 1.25. Cases were once fired starline out of my Kimber. The most current lee manual does not even have this bullet in their data. The shape of this bullet looks like a 38 simi wad cutter ,sitting on top of a 40 cal wadcutter. There is a pretty large "Step" where it hangs up. I guess I can make up some dummy rounds at different depths, and see how they feed.
  2. I finally got to try it out today. The bullet drops out of the mold at 162grains. and at .404. I used 50% wheelweight,and 50% pure. I sized the down to .401,and loaded them on top of 9.7 gns. of bluedot. At the range they kept on hanging up on the way to the chamber. After two magizines, I had 6 that failed to feed correctly. My Kimber,usally diegests everything fine.I swithed to some 200grn ers that I cast ,and had no problems. Other than the feeding problems,they shot good.
  3. Thanks Shadow,It looks like I am set on the powder. 231,and blue dot. It seems that blue dot works in almost everything! It looks like I need to update my cast bullet handbook. It goes from .357 to 38/40 to 41 mag.hopefully this lee manual has a lot of cast loads.
  4. Does anyone have any experence,with this mold? I was making a order with F.S. and decided to throw this one in also. I cant seem to find any recipies for this bullet. I also ordered the lee manual,but I am still waiting for the shipment to arrive. I have blue dot,and 321 on the shelf. I would like to have a good power on hand when it arrives.
  5. Oakland,is the worst. Even the day time,is SCARY!
  6. It turned out really great for the jews in Europe in the late 30's.
  7. I don't know about those MID-WEST hippies, But I Can't stand NORTHERN CALIFORNIA HIPPIES!
  8. UMMMM, Never mind. Payton looked a lot like Farve. I like my crow deep fryed! Congratulations to you Saints fans.
  9. The Refs can't help the Saints this time. They will be forced to call the late hits. They barely escaped the last game. If the vikings turned it over only 5 times,there would be no Who Dat! Peyton is No Brett Farve. Colts 47 Saints 31.
  10. I have 2, Rcbs 2 cav. 200 grain. I love it. But it is too much for a .40 sw. Then I have a lee 175 ,6 cav. Both shoot well. The Lee is not holding up,as well as I had hoped. The 6 cavitys is nice and fast. But the iron mold will be around long after the lee has been s**t canned.Its hard to go wrong with the rcbs's ,or the lymans.
  11. Nothing up here in Sacramento. Cali. needs a big one. That would create a few jobs. Back when Northridge got hammered,It was the best thing that ever happened to that place.
  12. Sarge,I don't know where you been for the last 3 or so years. The salmon,are ALL BUT GONE. They are about 1-2% of what they were 4 years ago! The salmon fishery in Ca. has colapsed. The Striper's are only in a little better shape. Its a shame what has happened to this once great fishery.
  13. Troy, start rounding up lead,NOW! while it is still 1/2 way easy to find. Ca. has already out lawed it for wheelweights. The Feds,are probbaly right behind.
  14. If you are only intrested in a wheel gun,then there are better choices. If you have a auto in 10mm it complements it very well. It will diegest almost everything 10mm/40 sw. You can really play around with different loads,and you don't lose brass. It is on my short list of things to get.
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