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  1. That Black one is VERY slick looking. AWESOME JOB!!! :thumb: I feel like I need to paint mine now.
  2. What can you tell me about VM Hy Tech? Their lowers, history, and reputation? I have been told they have been around for 25 years but can't find much on the net and the site appears to be going under a face lift. I ask because I picked up an AR15 .223 @ a gun show for $800.00. After seeing prices for $1200.00 and higher I just couldn't pass it up The Marine in station weapons @ my old base told me it was in good shape and safe to fire. Just needed to be cleaned. I know the barrel is chromed 1-9 but not sure who manufactured the Upper.

    Thank you/you were right/Grease?

    Thats some good info there. Thanks. I work on aircraft and can easily get ahold of that the next time we place an order through HAZMAT. Thanks Again!!!

    Thank you/you were right/Grease?

    Well I went to the CMP web site to order ammo for the M1 but I had to find my Birth Cert. and need to be a card carrying member of an associated group or club. So while I get those affairs in order my buddy and I went to a gun show in Allentown PA yesterday and a vendor was selling CMP ammo. I haven't done the math yet so I'm sure I over payed. But I'm ready to shoot so I said the heck with and and bought all his ammo. I upset some other guy who was counting his cash to see how much he could buy but it was too late (plus he wasn't acting like he was interested in that very ammo). I already had both the vendors ammo cans and was walking for the door. He had a few choice words that he didn't think I heard and he was rather shocked when I turned and faced him and hit him the good ol' "Excuse me? Did you have something you wanted to add?" and a few other sarcastic questions that caused him and his friend to stammer a bit. If I am anything I'm an extremely funny smart-ass in the face of confrontation. It catches people off guard when they get all bowed up and sets them back on there heels. I love it!!! The people who witnessed the moment seemed to enjoy my few minutes of stand-up on these two and it was certainly a great release for my stress. I know this because after the show my buddy and I went to the cocktail lounge in the venue for a few drinks and I didn't pay for a single one. These 2 old timers witnessed the whole thing and said that guy was acting like a tool all through the show. Some people just shouldn't be allowed in places where there is a large crowd.
  5. Hi guys, Ok here we go... I just recently purchased an M1 at the end of December. I'd like to thank Gmountain for the help in providing me info on the time of manufacture, and I'd also like to say to Indian4 that you were right, I can't have just one . I lost my grandfather on the 6th of January and inherited his guns including another M1 and a Cal .30 M1 Carbine to name just 2. I am having a difficult time finding Lubriplate or Plastilube Grease. These were the 2 names I was given to use for proper lubrication of the weapon system (I don't remember where I recieved this information). My question is this... Would Permatex White Lithium Grease be suitable for use. If not I have been told that any wheel bearing grease would also be ok. I want to be sure on both weapons before I send any rounds down range as I like my hands, face, and everything attached to them in the places they are currently in. Thanks Again

    Just got my 1st

    Thanks for all the responses and the nice welcome. I look forward to filling my head with the great deal of knowledge that is on the site.

    Just got my 1st

    Found it at Cabelas in Hamburg, PA of all places. It had just come into the store the day before and half the guys behind the counter didn't even know it was there. I got it for less than a $1,000.00 but the biggest price was convincing the wife that it just had to be rescued by me and brought home in my Jeep. I still need the 8 round clips and a leather sling, manual, ammo, and some half way decent weather to head to the range. If there is anyone who could help me run the numbers I'd be grateful because I would love to learn this weapon systems history. My grandpa has one he picked up at auction a few years ago for less than $500.00 still in the original packaging (Thats WV for ya). To this day it has never been fired. So I said the hell with and just had to get my own.

    1911 picture thread

    My Springfield Armory 1911A1 Mil Spec. Just ran it's first 100 rounds through it yesterday with no problems. It was also my wifes first time shooting a hand gun. Was happy she lost her "virginity" with the 1911.

    Bug out bag

    I have a Piper Gear Pack (Black) that I first purchased when deployed to Saudi when the War kicked off. I am on my second one now after dragging the first one all over the world and the Middle East and the Horn of Africa. I haven't even gotten ride of the first one since it is a part of my youth. I plan on one day next year having it repaired and putting it back into service after I retire from the Navy and hopefully pick up a contractor gig in the AOR. :janitor2: http://www.pipergear.com/prodview.cfm?catid=2&item=43
  10. C3NT3RMASS

    Operation Bugout Test!

    Very nice idea. I think the Mrs. and I will need to give our system a bit of a try as well Thanks for the post.
  11. C3NT3RMASS

    Bugout Weapons

    BUG OUT!!! JEEP CJ7 Mossberg 590 12ga M1911A1 AR15 Remington 700 30-06 The Wife, and the dog as a security watch. All the food, fuel and ammo that we could put in that Jeep including our Bug Out bags. If the jeep doesn't make it to our cabin for what ever reason (check points, traffic jam, EMP) we re-organize the large packs and break out the compass and the maps and walk into the brush and keep going till we get to.....
  12. C3NT3RMASS

    Pa Site here?

    Sanatoga just out side of Pottstown. Just north of Philly and south of Reading. I'm Active Duty with lots of firearms experience and am also a Combat Pistol Instructor. Glad I found this Forum