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  1. Regardless of what you may think, it will cause you no problem resizing brass and wipes off dry easily. I load probably 3-5000 rounds of ammo a year for 25 different calibers and have been using Mobil 1 to resize for at least ten years. I don't kow about NH3 radicals, but it will cause you no problems with brass cases, the neck eventually crack from working the brass just like they do with any other lube. I have no argument with anything you are saying, but as a practical matter it works.
  2. That's why you use synthetic- same protection, but thinner and not sticky. Use a 10-30 or thinner synthetic like Mobil 1- the difference is night and day. the Mobil 1 is also great for lubing cases for reloading.
  3. I kind of agree, I also see Obammy as a gutless no-balls little b****. His history has been to never take a controversial stand, so I don't see him making it a point to do an assault weapons ban. A more likely scenario would be for the other Dems to attach it to his trillion dollar spending extravaganza. That way he could put the blame on someone else, as he couldn't veto his huge expansion of the federal government.
  4. I believe Troy rails also don't require removing the sights.
  5. This proves what I've found out after years of reloading. Even new unfired brass needs to be ran through the sizing die. I'd bet the ammo is too long for the headspace in the rifle, when the pin hits the primer it pushes the case forward slightly taking the power out of the strike. Also makes it hard to extract as it is too tight. Unfortunately you'll probably have to run all them into a fl size die and you can take out the decapping pin so that you'll save the primers. Then load as normal.
  6. The Lee Auto Prime is a good tool, I have loaded tens of thousands with one, and when I bought it they were under $20. The factory crimp dies are also excellent. The measure you are using I don't believe is the Perfect powder measure, it has a micrometer adjustment not a disc. It also has a good reputation.
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