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  1. blackcat M-4

    What is your sidearm of choice?

    CZ-75BD 9mm
  2. blackcat M-4

    what is the best tactical handgun

    I'll use any of the below to fight my way to my AR-15 or 870 12ga.
  3. blackcat M-4

    Browning Hi-Power fans?

    Bought off Guns America and it came from a shop in Tenn, and yes I stole it, $391 deliverd + $25 FFL fee. I want it reblued, nice set of wooded grips and several more mags and set of new sites, JMB & Dieudonné Saive came up with a really nice pistol and it a shame more people don't own one.
  4. blackcat M-4

    1911 pride and joy

    Aloha drck100. The 1911 was built by Cloes Combat Firearms in Silverdale Wa, right across the sound from wherre you use to live. He allowed me to use his FFL to do an internet order for the Browning Hi-Power while out there, great place to deal with. I've spent a fair amount of time in Honolulu myself, go have a drink in "Margaritiaville" for me if you can deal with Waikiki traffic
  5. blackcat M-4

    Browning Hi-Power fans?

    I just got my 1st one, errrr surplus sold as Israeli Kareen and a Belgium made FN MkII showed up instead O Happy Days, great shooting 9mm and NO TUPPERWARE to be found. Now am I the only BHP fan around these days, with all the Glocks/M&P'S/XD's??????
  6. blackcat M-4

    1911 pride and joy

    I finally got my 1st custom 1911 built on Springfield Armory MN frame with WC parts built by a local gunny while I was working in Washington State. with Trijicon nite sites Wilson Combat Black Sharkskin leather to dress her up She shoots as good as she looks Hope ya'll enjoy!
  7. blackcat M-4

    Comfortable concealed carry...

    Colt Officer's in 45acp 95% of the time, in hot Virginia summers a Kel-Tec P-11 goes with me (100% reliable) other times. A CZ-82 (9x18Makarov) gets to go out occasionally.
  8. blackcat M-4

    .223 Brown Bear soft point 62 gr?

    As stated in other threads above try a few boxes 1st, my DPMS AP-4 loves Silver Bear 62gr HP above all else and despite what DPMS tells me NOT to use. All AR's are NOT created equal
  9. blackcat M-4

    Just in time!!!!

    Capt'n, 1st Welcome to VIRGINIA what part? 2nd congrats on the CCW or whatever Fl calls it. Mines been sitting at the courthouse for the last 5 days, soooooooo I'll get mine back. Mine expired and had to go thru the whole damn process again. Iffn your in Southeast Va shoot me a email, I'll show you 2 indoor ranges around here. Safe travels.
  10. blackcat M-4

    BRD is contaigious!!!!

    HELP CALL THE DOCTOR! BRD, 1911, & SAVAGE RIFLES OH MY. WHICH ONE TO CURE FIRST??? I came down with a severe attack of 1911 last night as I picked it up from the fun store
  11. blackcat M-4

    First AR Investment

    Congrats from a DPMS guy! Now get some PMAGS! Black Cat
  12. blackcat M-4

    My new baby >>> RRA NM A4

    CONGRATS AND WELCOME, My AP-4 needs a BIG brother like that. ENJOY. Black Cat
  13. blackcat M-4

    9mm Battle Royale

    I'm going to catch $hi3 for this one Just trying to get a rise outta ya'll I'd love to own a Browing Hi-Power or full size CZ-75. The Daewoo surprized the heck out of me when the wife bought it, the only time it failed to work was with the PC 10 round mag during the AWB. I've used 2 factory hi-cap and S&W 59 mags and not 1 hick up since. I'd like 1-2 more factory hi-cap mags but tghe only place I found them want $50 each so I'll stick with the S&W 59's. Trying to find either 9mm or .45acp ammo now I may have to go to a REAL MAN'S CALIBER .22LR, just to go shooting Black Cat
  14. blackcat M-4

    9mm Battle Royale

    OK, NONE OF THE ABOVE. MY CHOICE IS...................................................... DAEWOO DP-51???????????? It's the only 9 MM we own (it's the wife's) good solid shooter great for the ladies. Men should own a .45acp in a 1911 platform I'm going to chatch $hi3 for this one Black Cat
  15. blackcat M-4


    Back in Chesapeake after a very long year on the road. Looking forward to meeting some of you at the local ranges Black Cat