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  1. 870hunter

    Forearm specs.

    Saw a link on a post here not to long ago with the specs.(lenght weight, etc.) for a bunch of different forearms, and now i cant seem to find it. Does anyone have a link to something like that. thank you
  2. 870hunter

    gettin ready to build

    that would be great. how does that work? do you have to order the barrel with the muzzle permently attached or can you do it yourself just so long its 16"
  3. 870hunter

    gettin ready to build

    thank you for your reply. Ive been doing some reading about building uppers (your link was very informative) and i dont think it will be as complicated to do as i have been lead to believe. Most of my info has come from gun stores that dont sell AR components, just complete uppers, lowers and rifles. Sure i wll be posting more questions but i feel pretty confident about building my first AR.
  4. getting ready to start my first build. iwont a light weight carbine because this will mostly be for my wife. i was looking at a DD 16" car. w/FSB and 1/7 twist http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/Daniel-Defe.../dd%2010190.htm but i was wondering do you give up alot of accurracy with the light barrels? what about barrel life? also i hear that head spacing is the most crucial thing to get right when building an upper. not sure yet what head spacing is or what it pertains to but should the parts used for your upper all be from the same manufacturer to help make sure everything lines up correctly. also if i dont go with the Daniel defense barrel, i really like the YHM fluted barrel with the diamond specter forearm. This rifle wont be used for long shots or competitions. Maybe 100 yards at most. most just shooting targets and maybe a zombie or two
  5. 870hunter

    Saiga Questions

    Thanks guys. I really like that rifle but money is tight for me as it is for everyone.Gonna try to round some up and maybe put it on lay away. He probally wont do that though. like you said those guns are going fast. Wish i knew how much my tax refund was i'd borrow the money and pay them back when i got it
  6. 870hunter

    next purchase - shotgun

    Those beratta 390's are nice. I know i lot of guys who hunt with them and i got to shoot one a couple weeks ago. Very nice shootin gun. The only problem i have with auto shotguns is everytime i pull the trigger i keep trying to pull the damn forearm back . I have only owned and hunted with rem. 870 all my life. with a little practice you can shoot a pump just about as quick and accurately as an auto
  7. 870hunter

    Saiga Questions

    I been wanting an AR for a long time know but just cant afford them. Been looking at the saiga 223 as my second choice. I have read on this forum some good reveiws so i think im gonna get one. Questions: 1) can they handle rapid fire (bump firing) 2) are they easy to take down and clean 3) can i get a drum mag 4) 223 or 7.62 (will be used mostly for self defense purposes) 5) found one for 399.99 +tax. (seems high) 6) read some where you can modify to take ar style mags. true/false
  8. 870hunter

    CNN on School Lunches

    im sure glad yall are talking about this because i need to vent. my wifes cousin (she hates it when i remind her thats her family) got this girl pregnant. actually, rumor has it she needed a meal ticket i "forgot" to take the pill. anyways they had the baby and shes 18 months old. the dad who has had 12 diff jobs in the past 10 years and has been fired from all of them mainly for being lazy and arguing with his bosses about having to work so much. he is now a golf course attendant (rakes the leaves) and constantly b***** about only making 13.00 a hour and getting 50-60 hrs a week. so he makes 600 to 700 a week give or take and he still lives at home with his mom and refuses to leave. doesnt pay rent, utilities childcare, food nothing. in 18 mths he told me hes changed 1 diaper. i saw with my own eyes him take his little girl to his mom and told her to put her shoes on.how f-ing lazy do u have to be to have your mom put your own kids shoes on for u. i could go onn and on about him but i'll move to her now. before she got knocked up she was just your everyday run of the mill one night stand then she found that dumbass, got fired from her job for stealing money. right before that he got himself a brand new pair of tires. wonder where he got the money. anyway im sure i dont have to tell u that she is a proud recipient of our tax dollars. free health care, food stamps wic all of it. we were in walmart one day with them and a couple more of my wifes worthless family and they needed to get some groceries. she got six gallons of milk that she didnt pay a dime for. i found out later 3 of those gallons got thrown away because they couldnt drink them all. the only reasons she got all of them was because her coupons were gonna expire and she didnt want to waste them. they now have jobs and still pay for nothing. they spend it on god knows what and neither one of them has any plans of moving out of his moms house or at least saving some of their money for their kid. god i hate worthless people. thank you for allowing me to ramble on and vent
  9. 870hunter

    estate ammo

    thanks G. i think i might buy a small box just to try
  10. 870hunter

    estate ammo

    have any of yall shot the estate brand 00 buck from cabelas. im having troouble finding remington 00 around here which is what i normally shoot. just wondering if it was good ammo or would i get what i paid for(150.00 for 250 shells)
  11. 870hunter

    hand pump

    yep its an artiesan well and thats what i figured about harbor and northern. thanks for the link i think thats what i looking for. i havent read all about it yet but can it be hooked up to my well with out un hooking th e pipes already there and just put a shut off valve when the hand pumps not in use
  12. 870hunter

    hand pump

    im planning on getting a manual hand water pump for my well in case we loose power. ive been stocking up on bottled water but if i can use the water out of my well that would be much better, i wouldnt have to worry about storage issues. my well is about 100-125 ft down but its a flowing well so i dont think i should have a problem getting water up with the pump. does that sound like it might work, and if it will, what am i looking for in a good hand pump. will the ones at harbor freight or northern tool work
  13. 870hunter

    Sleep apnea anyone?

    i'm 27 and i have a one year old boy who keeps us busy. for probaly the last year and half the wife says i snore alot and lot of times i wake up gasping for air. lot of kicking and thrashing while i sleep also. every morning i wake up extremely tired and stay that way, especally for the last year. i always just wrote my tiredness off from stress and phsical drainage of chasing after a little kid. should i see a doctor about apnea or is it probaly just stress and a kid
  14. 870hunter

    Have you ever lost the passion?

    yes i have lost it. mostly due to all the outlaws in hunting today. with all the hunting lands being closed to build houses, their becoming more concentrated. its hard to enjoy hunting when u know someone is out killing deer at night or during the summer when u payed a lot of money to hunt a piece of property, and spent years feeding and managing your deer pop. in the past 3 years i have hunted maybe 5 days. thinkin about hunting solo in management areas. at least i'll be able to hunt and teach my son in a few years everything i know about the sport
  15. 870hunter

    Well, we have another Floridian.

    born and raised in jacksonville, living in flagler county now. love this site. been on this site till late for the past 3 nights checking everything out. just cant get enough