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  1. jchtrh I guess I thought these were coming engraved and didn't need to specify, so I am specifying that I want them engraved and I will take 3. Thanx, sorry for my confusion.
  2. i'm in for one for sure James. Maybe 3 all together. Thanx!
  3. My fellow members. I bring this topic in hopes that some of you may and will take better care of your overall health. I thought I had for quite some time, but I really wasn't. Last Tuesday at work I experienced some pain in my chest (upper right) shoulder area. I didn't think much of it as I have been having some problems already. I had been to the Doctor just a week before, for what we thought were remenants of Brochitis. He put me on another antibiotic and I was good to go. I started getting bad pain in both sides of my jaw. I shrugged it off on extensive upper gum/dental surgery Jan. 30 2010. My wife all this time had been asking then yelling at me to see another doctor. Whats wrong with the one I'm seeing. He's missing something she would say. Well on Tuesday march 31st I came home from work after 10 hours. I conceded to her she won. Call your Doc. Just so happens he has late office hours on Tuesday's. Perfect, off we go across town. Into the examining room right away. He begins to listen to the heart. He tells his nurse to get the EKG set up. He starts the test and no sooner does the paper start coming out, he tells his nurse to call an ambulance, this man is having a heart attack and is in A-fib. Well you can pretty much imagine what happened from there. Instant panic on my behalf, now what. To the ICU I go in our little hospital. They stabilize me through the night and the next morning I am tranferred to St. Joes heart hospital in Syracuse NY. I was tested there and they assigned me a heart surgeon who placed a Stent into an artery in my heart that was 100% plugged. The next day he performed the same surgery on another artery that was 90% plugged. Within 2 days I am home and doing much better than I have in a very long time. I am on a host of drugs and probably will be for life. The moral of this story is, don't eat rich heavy foods on a daily basis. I am very healthy. Exercise and use the treadmill on a daily basis. As we age the food we eat catches up with us faster than it did when we were younger. It is important to give your body some breathing room now and again from rich heavy foods. A light fat free diet is better in the long run. NOW I KNOW!
  4. Thank everyone. I'm still on the road working in Albany, NY. I should be home for Christmas. I will catch up with you guys then. I am currently using my iPhone and it's a bit frustrating. Thanks boys.
  5. You may need a programming update waka. Some where on the back or side there should be a USB port where you can connect a flash drive. If you go to their internet website they may offer program updates, where you down load the info to flash drive from your computer and then plug it in to the TV. Some where in your menu program of the TV, there should be a provision to load the info from the flash drive. I don't have a VIZIO. I have a Sharp Aquos and had the same problem a few months after purchase. I was pissed and called them. Thats when they told me about the updates. It fixed the problem and it has not re-appeared. Hope this helps and hope you get it fixed.
  6. Nice j-dub. Looks like you and the Mrs. had some good fun.
  7. From the first Die Hard movie... the elevator door opens and the east german terrorist reads on one of his dead cohorts "Ho, Ho, Ho now I have a machine gun"
  8. Tell me where it is and I'll buy it! Just kiddin'
  9. Noneya how about a 10mm Fusion Firearms pistol. They are sweet!
  10. ar15-1958


    Thoughts and prayers to you and your wife Mike. I'm very sorry and hope it all turns out well. Looks like you have been given some good advice already. Keep on keepin on.
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