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    Stag Arms

    I ordered a STAG 2TL AR15 back when BHO was first elected and Pelosi was threatening to bring back the ban. Took 9 months for STAG to fulfill the order. Was worth the wait. Now I want their model 7L, but 2 years is a bit long.
  2. JediRocker

    8 months later...

    Ordered a STAG 2TL back in January from an online vendor. I received an email stating it was backordered. After 4 months of waiting, I gave up and forgot to cancel the transaction. Heh...I got an email on Friday saying my credit card is charged, gun is packaged and ready to ship. Not sure why it took 8 months, but at least I'm getting it. This will be my first AR, so I'm excited. Did it as more of a panic move for fear I may not be able to buy an AR for the next 8 years.
  3. Before I (an AR newb) take my new AR15 to the range, I want to make sure I know how to work it. Looking for some practice ammo. I see a type called SnapCaps. Will this suffice? Any other recommendations?
  4. JediRocker

    8 months later...

    Thanks folks. Here it is. As you can see, it is lacking accessories. Please send $$$ to my PayPal fund called "Accessorize Phil's AR15 Fund"...
  5. JediRocker

    Question for you Creationists out there

    sorry to interrupt the debate, but did any of you read what I posted?
  6. JediRocker

    Question for you Creationists out there

    The Genesis 1 text was never intended to be a scientific play-by-play documentary of how the universe came into being. It was, however, a powerful theological response to the Egyptian and Assyrian cosmologies. The text contrasts the Hebrew God and intentional creation against the multiple gods/goddesses and accidental creation stories of the Egyptians and Babylonians. Please keep in mind the current Creationist movement is only about 100 years old. Prior to that, a non-literal interpretation of Genesis 1 was the norm. The Creationist movement was birthed from the reaction to the metaphysical aspect of Darwin's view that this existence occurred by mere chance. Here's the irony in all of this: an aspect of post-modernism is the method of interpreting a text without consideration of the author's intent. While Evangelical Christianity speaks out against our post-modern culture, much of Evangelical Christianity uses post-modern methodology to interpret Genesis 1: neglecting authorial intent. I recommend reading this site on Biblical literary genre in relation to Genesis 1. I also recommend reading this article by Old Testament professor Dr. Conrad Ayers regarding Genesis 1 interpretation.
  7. JediRocker

    Decisions, decisions

    When it hit me that I may not be able to purchase an AR for the next 8+ years, I sought out information and started shopping. Seems that many other Americans who don't own an AR came to the same realization: better buy an AR now. My concerns included: - I'm left-handed - I'm drooling over an HK45...maybe I don't need an AR - gun quality (I've experienced the Lorcin .380 jam-every-3rd-shot curse) - I didn't know squat about AR components and functionality - as a total newb, I didn't want to encounter condescending know-it-all forum participants - my gun range and dealer has a STAG ARMS 6L (L=left-handed) bull barrel AR in stock and marked down - is this the right gun for me? - if I go with a DPMS Sportical, will I be happy? - what about the DPMS AP4? When it comes to interests, I try to stick with one message community per interest (astronomy, photography, handguns, RV, etc...). I chose this forum because I saw a pleasant online atmosphere here balanced with good expertise. Most importantly, this is a forum with participants who are happy to help newbies. Sorry for the dramatic narrative here, but I just have to say THANK YOU to those of you who answered my questions, as well as questions posted by other newbs. Those answers helped me to first of all, slow down and think about what I'm about to buy. It has to be something that I am happy with for the next 8+ years because I may not be able to change my purchasing decision. The AR ban fear led me to postpone the HK45 purchase. The STAG 6L just isn't the right gun for me. I'm not ready for sniper play, and my primary interest here is home defense and plinking fun. As a lefty, the Sportical requires aftermarket accessories to protect me and the gun. By then, I'm at the price of a DPMS AP4. But if I'm going to have to wait for an AP4, then I might as well get something similar in a lefty model. With rails and sights. I made my decision today. I ordered the STAG 2TL. I'm on a waiting list and I know there's a risk of a ban arriving before the gun does, but I want what I'll be happy with. Like I said, these decisions were made with the help of this forum.
  8. JediRocker

    Scope mount search

    While I wait for my flat-top AR to come in, I'm shopping for some accessories. For a red dot style scope, I've decided to go with something that has zoom and low magnification. Problem is most of these types of scopes will sit on the flat-top rail and block my view of the iron sights. Does anyone make a mount that will sit the scope higher and allow me to utilize my iron sights directly under the scope?
  9. JediRocker

    Decisions, decisions

    Haha...thx for the temptation, but my credit card has already been charged and the 2TL is what I really want. That's a really good price on the AP4. Looks like 14 have sold since Pleaofwar posted yesterday.
  10. JediRocker

    AR Newbie needs help

    2 questions: 1) What exactly does the Ambi Selector do? 2) If I purchase a weapon that does not come with the brass deflector, can I buy an aftermarket deflector for it? Thinking DPMS Sportical.
  11. Here's what I am considering for my first (but not last) AR: STAG Model 6L Other than a long-range scope, what options do I have for sights? Can I put a front sight on that barrel?
  12. JediRocker

    AR Newbie needs help

    As a fellow southpaw, I also wanted a STAG ARMS left-handed model. If I place my order now, STAG said it will be about 6 months. There is a Model 6L available at a nearby store, but I have ruled that out...just not what I want. I have decided to go with a DPMS AP4 16" Carbine so I can get one now. I'm afraid if I wait for STAG to deliver on my order, I will risk the re-introduction of an AR ban. I know I would be happy with either weapon, especially a dedicated left-hand model. But getting the DPMS model will force me to learn to shoot right-handed. =_
  13. JediRocker

    DPMS Sportical

    I was also considering the Sportical. Being an absolute newb, I didn't understand the value of a dust cover and a brass deflector. The Sportical doesn't come with either. So I'm probably going to get, for a few hundred more, the DPMS AP4 Carbine (16") since it comes with both items.
  14. Excellent advice. They do perform gun repairs there, so I'm sure they'll help me out.
  15. Well, the STAG rifle is there in the store. I'd need to ship it back to STAG to have them trade out the gasblock. I may call them on Monday and find out what is involved with doing this.
  16. This is exactly the advice I was looking for. Thanks!
  17. JediRocker

    HK USP, like it?

    Yeah...I love my XD9, and one of my employees has the XD45 and he let me shoot it. I also have a SIG P226 .40, and thought about getting a SIG .45, but those are about the same price as the HK45, if not more. I'll probably go with either the STAG or the DPMS Panther AP4 Carbine AR-15 and do something along the lines of a shell deflector, and hold off on the HK45.
  18. JediRocker

    HK USP, like it?

    And therein lies my exact dilemma. Being left-handed, I have my eye on a lefty STAG AR model at a local dealer. The STAG is the exact same price as the HK45. Sadly, I am not in a position to buy both. I'm leaning toward the STAG because of the potential of an AR ban. <sigh>
  19. JediRocker

    HK USP, like it?

    I've been seriously considering the HK45, but cannot justify the cost. The gun seems to be phenomenal.
  20. JediRocker

    Got some glass for my AR

    Very nice. Mind sharing where you purchased it? Is the manufacturer "Center Point"? Or was that a reference to a feature of the scope?
  21. JediRocker

    question for you lefties

    Thanks guyz for the excellent advice. Looks like I have some toy research to do. :D
  22. About to purchase my first AR. While I would love to purchase a STAG ARMS left-handed model, STAG is estimating a 6 month turnaround if I placed my order this week. Worried that my order will be banned before it's delivered, I'm contemplating the DPMS Panther AP4 Carbine AR-15, or a Sabre Defence model. My question to my fellow lefties is this: should I avoid a right-handed AR gun and hold out for a STAG? Thx, -PJ