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  1. MrClean

    New Members Please Read!

    Whoops! Wouldn't you know that it would appear on the post where I ask the question? However the sig didn't show up on the quick reply....does it only show up with a full or non-quick reply?
  2. MrClean

    New Members Please Read!

    Also new to the AR world. I just got a Bushy XM15-E2S, zeroed in the open sights to a 1.5" grouping at 50 yds, and got some good info from folks here on cleaning tips for the AR. Like Dennis, I have extensive eperience with .45s but little with AR's. General question: I've saved my sig in the appropriate location, but it doesn't show up on the posts...do I have to have a certain number of posts before it shows up? Thanks.
  3. MrClean

    Chrome-lined Barrels

    I saved the websites and will order some of that in the future. Laso saved the cleaning kit site and will order one of those asap.
  4. MrClean

    Chrome-lined Barrels

    Good feedback, thanks guys. Great Forum!
  5. MrClean

    Chrome-lined Barrels

    Synthetic Safe Gun Scrubber...got it. Thanks again. I bought the gun at Carter's Country in Houston...I guess they carry that stuff too? All Academy had was the Hoppes stuff. BTW, the Hoppes kit came with a bunch of patches. Is a chamber brush a wider brush, of the width of the bullet casing? Sorry for the newbe questions, I'm just not familiar with the gun lingo yet.
  6. MrClean

    Chrome-lined Barrels

    Thanks for the welcome. I bought the Hoppes #9 kit (3 piece rod), some Hoppes #9 copper solvent, a brass brush, a plastic brush and a stainless-looking coil/mesh-like brush. The Hoppes #9 kit came with the standard Hoppes #9 solvent, but is the copper solvent OK to use, and are the brushes I described also ok to use on chrome-lined barrels?
  7. Newbe here. I just purchased a Bushy CAR15 and zeroed the sights in to a 1.5" grouping at 50 yds. Now i wnat to cl;ean it, but I don't know if there are any "dont's" or recommended procedures when it comes to cleaning chrome-lined barrels. Anyone care to enlight me? __________________ Bushy XM15-E2S (CAR-15) SS Colt Combat Commander .45