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  1. Smith & Wesson 1006 trouble. Help!!!! I have a Smith & Wesson 1006 that has about 600 rounds through it. After running 500 trouble free rounds through it I am getting failure to eject issues every magazine. My handloads are on the hot side (180g. bullet 1300 fps) which is a max load. Even with weaker factory UMC loads the results are the same. The frustrating part is it has been to the factory twice. As a matter of fact it came back the the second time yesterday and the pictures below are the result of the second round fired today. Al the failures are exactly the same. The extractor was replaced the first time to the shop.This most recent trip they polished the chamber and replaced the extractor spring. The only think I can think of is the ejector might be a little short. It does not seem to have any mushrooming or preening but it is all I can think of. Below are pictures of the failure and ejector. I just replaced the recoil spring with a new factory unit and had 4 failure to feeds that are identical to the below picts. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sammy
  2. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I still can't believe it. I scored a NIB Smith & Wesson 1006 with Novak fixed sights. For the last 5 years I have been too late or short of cash when they came up. Now I am looking for a holster so I can shoot it in IDPA. I think it is the same size as a 4506 but I still have not had any luck finding a kydex holster. Can anyone confirm that a 4506 holster will work with the 1006? The only thing I have found is Safariland duty holsters. I put 100 rounds of 200g. Zero's at 1175fps today. Ate everything perfect except for a well used home made dummy that has been pushed back in the case quite a ways. The recoil was manageable but I think the Glock absorbs it much better. I think it is because the grip on the Glock is quite a bit larger. The Smith feels quite a bit like a 1911 without the thumb saftey there to rest the right thumb on. Overall very pleased. Here is 5" shoot-n-see shot at 15 yrds free hand.
  3. Hello all, Loading for 10mm has been a blast and I am interested in loading a new bullet. The new bullet I am loading for is a 155g. Bear Creek moly coated LSWC. None of my books have load data for this bullet. Maximum velocity is what I am going for but will work my way up safely. The powders I have on hand are Blue Dot, Longshot, HS-6 and 231. The guns I am loading for are a G20 with a KKM barrel and a stock 1006. Thanks, Sammy
  4. Hey all, I just scored a NIB 1006 in California no less. Serial is TFB13**. Can anyone tell me when it was made? Thanks, Sammy
  5. Pistol used is a G20SF. I load 9.3 g. of Longshot, a Starline case loaded no more than 3 times (at this load), Montana Gold 180g. HP, and a Wolf primer out of a standard length KKM barrel gets 1250fps. This makes very accurate ammo and has explosive results on water bottles. Very fun load.
  6. Thanks for the welcome and sorry for posting this in the wrong forum. Well it is not too off base as the gun has only seen 100 factory rounds. The failures in the pict only happen in the KKM barrel. With the factory Glock barrel the slide was coming over the top of the round, not catching it causing a double feed when I try clearing it. I was getting failures with Remington 180g. flat nose, Montana Gold 180g. HP and 200g. Zero's both with new Starline brass and with OAL's from 1.225-1.250. A lee factory crimp die was also tried but no dice. The strange thing is using the Lee die factory crimp die my accuracy went to hell. I have since switched back to the standard Dillon. I will try polishing the feed ramp but it looks lightly polished at the factory. I am looking foward to putting a few hundred more rounds down range to see if the problem is fixed for sure. I just got back from an IDPA match on Sunday and ran it very well. I was on my way for a top 10 finish (out of 41 competitiors) but 2 out of 9 score sheets were somehow lost so I got a DNF. That was with 2 failures one a FTF, the other a double feed that took a while to clear. Both happened on the second stage of the match. That is when I decided to put the stock spring back int he gun. I am glad I did because it ran 100% after that. I was loosing faith in the gun but now I see light at the end of the tunnel. Sammy
  7. Well when I ordered my G20SF I had a 10 day wait to contend with. To help pass the time I ordered 10-8 sights, Wolf guide rod, 20 and 22# springs, 3 1/2lb. Ghost disconnector, KKM standard length barrel and grip tape. Before I got the gun home I installed the sight set, barrel and guide rod. I headed out to the range and have been having trouble ever since. The sights and grip tape are about the only changes I don't regret. At the public line I was getting mutuple FTF's and complained to KKM about the problem. They gave me a replacement barrel but the problems persisted. Here is a sample of the failures. I don't have a pict of another kind of failure but the slide was coming over the top of the round, not picking it up. This caused the round to face almost straight up in the magazine and when bringing the slide back the round pops out of the mag and into the chamber causing a double feed. Am I to assume the slide is coming back too fast for the magazine to bring up the new round? Sorry for the horrible picts, I have since got a new camera. Has anyone had this trouble with a heavier spring setup? I have since gone back to the factory recoil spring and have not had any feeding problems in the last 100 rounds. The Ghost disconnector failed too. I lined up the shot and squeezed the trigger and nothing. The trigger went dead for a lack of a better discription and would not work at all after that. Luckly I had an extra G34 disconnector and it works great. Here is a pict of a target shot at 15 yards freehand. The funny thing is the best group I have shot was out of the factory barrel.
  8. I just finished a 9 stage IDPA match with my G20SF using 180g. Montana Gold 180g. HP's at 1225fps. What a hoot!! I would have been much more competitive with my Baer TRS but I am not complaning. The grin factor by me and my squad made it more than worthwile. The cool part is I had help from the squad members in hunting down the brass. I got 80% of them back!! I It was so much fun I think I am going to bring it for the USPSA match next month.
  9. Congrats!! That is one heck of a first handgun. I just fired my first loads in 10mm yesterday. After switching back to my 1911 in .45acp the 1911 felt like a .22. happy shooting and post a range report. Not to sound like an old fart but please remember the 4 rules: 1. All guns are allways loaded. 2. Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy. 3. Keep your finget off the trigger untill you have a good sight picture of what you want to shoot. 4. Be sure of your target, and ONLY then put your finger on the trigger. Lots of new shooters out there, be safe!!!
  10. Hello all, I am new to the 10mm round and have a few questions. The gun I am using is a Glock 20SF with a KKM barrel. The Glock stock is plenty accurate and the only reason I got the barrel is to save the brass. This weekend I shot 100 factory UMC part# LC L10MMG 180g FMJ flat nose. I am using the brass + another 100 or so pieces that were found at the range. Friday I loaded my first 100 rounds with a 180g. Montana Gold HP. The load was 8.4g. of Longshot (.1 under the minimum load) and they all went off without a hitch. They felt identical to the UMC rounds I fired . Well my order of Starline should be here later in the week but I decided to start creeping up the load. I loaded 100 with 8.6 of Longshot and 50 with 8.7. The load data from Hodgdon states a stargt load of 8.5 and a max of 9.5. Some of the brass that was found has been loaded more than once and I am wondering if they are safe to shoot. Even though I am only about half way to max the 10mm is a very high pressure round and I am worried that the range brass I found is not up to the task. I guess what I am asking is should I shoot it or pull them? Thanks, Sammy My second question is how many times can I safely reload hot 10mm loads? Here is a pict of my shooting at 15 yards, freehand 8.4g of Longshot with 180g. Montan Gold HP. It performs decent if I do my part but not nearly as accurate as my 1911.
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