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  1. sorry man, just shipped them out. if i decide to sell anymore, ill let you know.
  2. Ive got 3 smith 10mm magazines for sale. They have white followers, are marked "Accu Guide" and still have the sticker on them. $35 each shipped in continental us. Paypal prefered. Thanks
  3. as terrible as this sounds, i doubt it will pass.
  4. sweet! I look forward to hearing how it does at the range.
  5. what .41 mag do you have? Smith 57? I was lucky enough to find a great deal on a smith 57 and love the gun!
  6. what are the specs on the .400 corbon? why not try the .460 rowland?
  7. it seems like every day i find a 10mm i have never heard about. looks sweet!
  8. longer barrel than a pistol so more velocity.
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