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  1. targtshooter

    Learning to use a milling machine and lathe

    As machinist / toolmaker by trade it looks great. It takes guts to start cutting on your guns as a beginner. Its hard enough for me and I've been doing it a long time. One wrong move and you have a bunch of junk on your hands. Good job, it only gets easier.
  2. targtshooter

    Do you CCW folks carry liability insurance?

    I agree, northern Mi can be a lonely place with no cell service or people anywhere. Thank god for ccws.
  3. targtshooter

    Two stage vs. single stage trigger

    I think I've made up my mind. I'll go with a two stage, I liked it alot on my m1a. I hate the one on my ar.
  4. targtshooter

    Most Excellent Birthday Present!

    Your gonna love it I have one on my dpms . I dont think you will need the riser. congrats
  5. targtshooter

    What Is The Worst Pain..

    Broken tibia and fibula, and ankle, almost lost my foot in an accident at work. No kidney stones though.
  6. targtshooter

    Funny Craig's List posting.

    Gotta love it.
  7. targtshooter

    Imagine my surprise when.....

    I feel for ya. I fought for a year to gain custody of my youngest son. Cost me a ton o money but the court finally saw she was a nut. Funny thing is I still have to pay child support because she has him 3 weekends a month. They call it shared economic responsibility. The only one sharing is me.
  8. targtshooter

    Painting your rollmarks

    It works great. I've been doing it for years on my pistol sights.
  9. What are the pros and cons of both?
  10. targtshooter

    Member listing for Michigan residents

    Sterling Heights, formerly stationed at Wurtsmith AFB, Oscoda.
  11. targtshooter

    What to do

    Any thoughts on KG gun kote?
  12. targtshooter

    Bushmaster ORC not grouping well, need some advice

    I had a M1a that strung vertical every shot. I tightened up the rear sight and it shot right on every time.
  13. targtshooter

    New ar15

    Sweet I'm glad you agree. My only concern is the trigger. Its not very good, but I'm used to hunting rifles. Maybe its just me.
  14. targtshooter

    New ar15

    OK I know some suck. Oh well look at the better ones.