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  1. If this has been discussed at length, please redirect me, I did a search this morning and found little on it, so I figured you guys could set me straight. My question is simply, is there a general consensus on what the top three suppressors for AR-15's are? Also, other than buying a full Noveske upper or barrel assembly, is there anywhere I can purchase an adjustable gas block for my AR? Thanks for any and all opinions on this.
  2. I'd use my AR to drop bad people along the way, I also use it to get a tougher, faster, stronger vehicle that could take the abuse and keep on cruising. Maybe an H1, up armored. Which means I would have some friends along to work my crew served twin .50 up top. haha, but again it was fantasy land so I also have a FAC calling in my air support.
  3. cool video, wonder if this is how all those Southern California fires start?
  4. why do we have to have a top ten, pretty much anything that is reliable and puts either large pieces of lead or many pieces of smaller lead rapidly downrange is pretty manly in my book.
  5. This is an emotional case for many people. I only hope that he never survived the ejection and it was quick forr his sake.
  6. Simply put, a victim is a person who does not have the fortitude to stand up for themselves. Almost every state in the Union (even DC lifted the ban - although it's being contested) allows private gun ownership. It is every person's ultimate responsibility to fend for themselves and their families. To not prepare for the worst equates to being a potential victim. Look around, they are easy to spot. I feel horrible when I listen to things ilke this, but I also know that somewhere in their upbringing they were wronged by those raising them. They believed in the good of people, they never saw the ugly, they thought it would never happen to them. They were wrong because they were just waiting to be victims. Also, the guys who do things like this should be executed on pay-per-view in the most horrible way imaginable. They are monsters who prey on the weak and need to endure the most horrific and disgusting and painful humiliation. I'd be more than happy to volunteer to dish out the punishment to these animals. Just my .02 on this.
  7. navyflyer72


    Just plain wrong. Only way I would even contemplate allowing something like this is if these were all weapons used in the commission of a crime by criminals, not law-abiding citizens personal weapons...
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