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  1. Lucas_061287

    For the Pistol Builds

    Nope- good to go, despite the "Why" factor, bipods do not turn a pistol into an AOW. Just look at all the benchrest pistols that are basically bolt action rifles "miniaturized" using bipods.
  2. Lucas_061287

    Help me choose a sling

    I've tried it and to be honest, I hated it. The idea behind it is a good one, but I think this one from BDS better applies that idea. http://www.bdstacticalgear.com/pd_bds_tact..._dual_sling.cfm
  3. Lucas_061287


    Alright man, I know a guy who's selling a black one for cheap (like $30). If I can get ahold of him, and provided he still has it, I'l ask him some questions and give you his e-mail or phone number.
  4. Sorry, don't have a camera. :(
  5. Price reduction- $45 shipped!
  6. Lucas_061287


    Must not have needed it that bad eh?
  7. Bump with price reduction- $120 w/ Camelbak, $100 for the bag alone! Smoking deal!!!
  8. Lucas_061287


    What color MOE stock do you need?
  9. Topic says it all- its a Coyote tan 5.11 Rush 72 bag, new Camelbak OMEGA 3L hydration bladder (filled with water to verify seal, but never drank from). I've used the bag a few times commuting, but its never seen the elements. It is in great condition- no tears, all buckles and zippers are intact, etc. I'm asking $130 shipped for the bag and bladder, or $110 for the bag by itself. PM me or post in this thread if interested.
  10. I have a detatchable carry handle made by Rock River Arms. Its in great shape, no scratches, came on a new RRA we had in the store which was sold a few months ago (buyer put Magpul MBUS rear sight in its place and just gave me the handle). Don't really need it, as I run Troy BUIS, but I'm willing to sell it to someone who can make better use of it. I have no pics but this is it in the link... http://www.rockriverarms.com/index.cfm?fus...category_id=280 The only difference being it doesn't have the white "Rock River Arms" writing on the side (which is odd considering it came from RRA that way). I'm asking $60 shipped. Any interested parties, feel free to PM me or post in this thread with any questions/comments/concerns. -Lucas
  11. Lucas_061287

    Help me choose a sling

    The adjustments are slightly different, despite having the same basic concept, but where the VTAC really shines is how QUICKLY one can either tighten, loosen, or secure the weapon to the body. A vid highlighting the VTAC's strengths.
  12. Lucas_061287

    Inquisitive Idiot

    Cool man, glad its coming together for ya! Looking forward to pics!
  13. Lucas_061287

    Inquisitive Idiot

    I strongly urge that you refrain from putting an MBUS on the gas block. It WILL melt after rapid fire.
  14. For a weapon mounted light, I wouldn't use the G2X Pro. I'd use the G2X Tactical for the simple fact that it only has one output setting and a pressure sensitive switch rather than a clicky switch.