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  1. Yes, either will work. I switched to TAC a while back though. I did a test, fired the same amount of each & cleaned in between. TAC was noticeably cleaner. That can come into play during a day of firing in a SD dogtown. Both meter very well.
  2. One of the best areas to look into for lighter loads is Hodgdon's "60% rule" with data for H 4895 powder. I loaded some light loads for my 300WSM with 150 grn bullets that are real powder puff loads, maybe 30-30 recoil levels. I don't even go to the bottom of the charge weight with '60% rule', I leave room around the edge of the envelope.
  3. I do agree, the various case prepping steps are the most time consuming part of reloading, usually. I do things in steps/batches, do one step, & maybe do the next when I have time again. If this is among your 1st reloads I'd only load 10-20 or so until you test them out in your gun. You don't want to dismantle or change once you have 200 rounds loaded. What powder & bullet? Most of my 223 loads are with TAC & some with Exterminator powder.
  4. It may be a little west of you but the Mcmiller Sport Center near Eagle, WI is very easy to deal with. They have a website, more hours in the Summer/Fall. You can just pay as you go, or get a membership.
  5. That does seem like a good deal, should one need to get qualified.
  6. Armlist is a good free site to try for a FTF sale. Shipping ammo(legally) can be a pain and expensive. I use some of my odds & ends ammo for initial sight in with a new scope, or whatever. I guess I'd lean towards keeping the ammo, just store it properly, cool,dry,stable, & it will last a long time.
  7. If you are SELLING a long gun you don't need an FFL on your end, just mail it to his FFL. Some dealers want it to come from an FFL, though it doesn't have to. Most want at least your information, name address & maybe drivers license copy. You need a copy of his dealers FFL license before you ship. You can also check the status of his FFL through the BATF website. You just put a copy of his FFL in with the gun, do the tracking, insurance & all & send it away.
  8. Just came back from 98 miles on the snowmobiles, with the Son & another friend. It was a good time.
  9. The legal way to do it would be to meet him at an FFL in MS, or AL/LA & do a transfer with the dealer. When you cross State lines it becomes Federal & it's supposed to go through an FFL. That's the way I've always understood it, & operated.
  10. Here's what I do for ATV fuel & storage. 1st off I try to use non-ethanol fuel in most of my small engines. It's easier to find in some places than others. Here in S WI it is fairly easy to find. For the Fall fill up I actually use 100LL aviation fuel in most of my small engines. Just go to your local small airport, most have a self serve 100LL pump, just check ahead. I bring a few 5 gal fuel cans. You just don't want to put it in a vehicle with a catyletic(sp?) converter, ATVs, lawnmowers etc - no problem. I may end up with a mix of non ethanol & 100LL fuel. Aviation fuel has to meet spec after 1 year in the fuel tanks, much longer than auto fuel. This works much better for me than Seafoam & Stable. JMHO
  11. If you handload & have a strong handgun the 45 Colt can be safely loaded up. Most of my loads are modest but I have some upper end loads when needed. I have a Redhawk & Blackhawk in 45 Colt. I also shoot the 45 Schofield in both and have a 45 acp conversion cylinder for the Blackhawk. Hows that for versatility?
  12. I have some land in the U.P. of MI I may be selling. 32 acres, & camp with a stream running through it. It also serves as a very good SHTF location.
  13. The main issue especially for the wife & daughters to shoot is the weight & unweildliness of the beast. For plinking fun in an AR a lighterweight 16" is where I'd be at. I guess you could outfit the rest of the family with a 10/22 if need be. The price is probabaly ballpark for current events on that rifle.
  14. I will say I really like the CTR stock I added to a recent partial build. Partial because I bought a 16" 3H Stag upper & did the other stuff myself.
  15. I've had good 'luck' with vehicles & I do many things myself but do skip some of those 'recomended' checks. Of course oil & filter are important & tires every once in a while helps. Much depends on what conditions you drive in an how you treat your vehicle. Like the guy who says 'this car's no good, brakes/tires only lasted 35,000 miles'. One drive with him & you know why.
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